25+ Free Moving Checklist Templates & Spreadsheets

Moving is a stressful activity that needs lots of time to plan. If you don’t want to miss any valuable thing, then download free moving checklist templates to keep track of your inventory. To make your moving stress-free, you need to plan it by using a well-designed checklists spreadsheet. Visit our gallery to find the best home or office moving checklist templates in Excel format. These templates allow you to make changes that suit you to make this process simple and easier. However, if you don’t know how to create it and understand its elements, read this article to find out more about it. 

What is a Moving Checklist?

If you are planning to move and don’t know how to organize all the moving stuff, then using a checklist template makes this process stress free. The moving checklist templates are used to track inventory and stay organized to move in or move out of the new home or apartment. The template contains the list of pack boxes with their content information that helps you keep track of every box and make the whole process easier. You need to label each packed box with some color or text to confirm that each box is accounted for. Send a copy of this moving checklist to the moving company which gives your transport service to move your packed items from one place to another.

A checklist for moving helps you avoid any disputes with the movers, conduct a list of properties, and help you do all the moving stuff faster. Make sure to finish packing and complete your moving list before your move day. The checklist template for moving is a 6-8 weeks plan that you need to follow to make this process stress free. 

What Should Include in a Moving Checklist Template?

If you want to have a successful move, then make a moving plan using the template to stay organized. A moving plan is effective if it contains all the essential elements to track everything. Before going for a moving plan, understand its elements to make this process successful. See below to know the key elements of a moving spreadsheet. 

  • It should include the address of your new office or apartment where you want to move. It is essential to have when you hire a mover company to transport your inventory. 
  • List all the inventory to keep track of your packed box easily. 
  • The moving list also includes the things that you want to carry along and what you do not. 
  • It should also contain the day of moving with time. 
  • The moving company’s name with their address and other contact details of whom you hire for the transportation service. 

The above-mentioned elements are essential to include in every moving checklist but if you want to make it more detailed, then download our editable moving checklist template that contains the key elements and allows you to add more to make it detailed. 

Benefits of Using Moving Checklist Template

When you have decided to move and want to complete this process smoothly, then a moving plan helps you a lot. To get all the benefits of moving, download a free checklist template to make this process successful. Templates always make your work easier and save you lots of time to make it from scratch every time. To understand the benefits of using a moving checklist template, see the below-mentioned points.

  • Keep track of inventory: Tracking out your inventory while moving in or out is crucial to make any moving successful. The template allows you to record your packing item list and figure out your missing items. 
  • Stay organized: A well-designed template helps you to organize all your moving stuff. Follow the template elements to have a smooth moving procedure and avoid losing any valuable items. 
  • Things are done better and faster: When you have the plan to do something, it makes your work easier and faster. The template plan allows you to organize your things to make the moving process better and faster. 
  • Reduce stress: Moving is full of stress, and you need to focus on every little thing to make it successful. In this way, a template with all the essential elements allows you to record your inventory and helps to finger your packing boxes. 

How to Create Moving Checklist using Template

To make the moving process more manageable, you need to track your inventory with a well-designed moving checklist. Although it is not easy to make it from scratch, you can download free ready-made templates for your use. Then, follow the below-mentioned steps to write a moving spreadsheet.

Step#1: First of all, download a free moving checklist template from our site that better suits you. 

Step#2: Add the address of your current location and the address where you want to move.

Step#3: Write the list of your inventory clearly to track. 

Step#4: Add the list of items that you don’t want to carry along with you. 

Step#5: Put the date when you want to move with time. 

Step#6: Write down the mover company’s name, address, phone number, and email address that you hire for transportation.

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