21+ Free Permission Slip Templates

A permission slip is a document or a letter that is sent by the school or an organization home through a student or school staff, post and an email to, parents or guardian to obtain consent for the student to travel under the care of school or respective organization for a specific event or a field trip. The permission slip template word for a field trip is its example of it. 

Permission Slip Template

Permission slip template is a letter for permitting the ward or student to do something related to school activities, field trips, pictures, movies, etc. It is also for fun trips, scouting tips, sports competitions, social work, and outdoor activities. This letter is to be signed by the parents and guardians.

A permission slip is a need for a situation that may require another adult to take care of your minor child. This could be occasioned by a trip or a school activity that involves travel to a location that is away from home. Being a parent or a garden, It is a requirement by the law to give your consent /willingness on your child being away from home while in the care of another adult. There is an excellent way to do this by the use of a Permission slip.

The organizations or the school must provide these documents by the law for a requirement. They are legally allowed to take care of students, especially those who are considered minors. These Laws are generally present in country to country or state that children must be given consent by their parents or guardians to be transported by another adult. A permission slip is issued as an editable permission slip template is also available for user requirements. 

The primary information that can be obtained from a permission slip is below as

  • Event’s Name
  • Decided Location
  • Date Of Event 
  • Beginning time 
  • Ending Time
  • Student’s Name
  • Parents Name
  • Email 
  • Emergency Contact Number 
  • Signature of Parents/Guardian

The free printable permission slips template is available for your requirement.

Permission Slip Sample

Sample of Field Trip Permission slip

Organization’s Name


Dear Mr/Mrs(Name)

This is to inform you that your son/daughter, along with the whole class, is being a part of the field trip organized by the school administrative authority. It is a trip to the Hilly areas and is scheduled from 7 am to 6 pm on the 23rd of March. The school will bear all the expenses.

We hereby ask for your kind permission to allow your son/daughter to participate in this field trip. It will add in his/her knowledge and learning

Purpose (Information)


Kindly fill and sign second half part of this letter and send it along with your son/daughter

Class Teacher’s Name

Signature of Principal

_____________________cut here_________________


Consent Letter Subject

I grant permission to take my son/daughter for the mentioned field trip on the decided date. In case of any casualty.take steps as the need be that time

First Aid and medical/surgical treatment as necessary as possible.

Parent’s Signature

Content Number You can add other information in the permission slip letter. The other Permission slip template sample is a permission slip for the church, and boy scout, etc. These are available in different formats .you can easily download them for your demand.

Need and Benefits Of Permission Slips Template

The Permission slips templates are useful documents that can be needed anytime from a school going children to office going professional everybody needs it. Permission can range from taking leave, going early, attending social gatherings, the main benefit of the permission slip is time and energy saving. You do not need to spend your time on the web, finding the appropriate slips format. The school permission slips template examples are of great importance. These can improve school life for kids. Parents and the faculty permission slips keep informed about their children’s various activities. The parents don’t face any worry for their children. They remain peaceful about their children in their hectic and busy life routine.

Main Slip Sample

The various slip samples are used for multiple purposes, but permission slip samples are of great importance. The discussing topic covers school permission slips. The sample permission slips template allows teachers and school faculty to customize and design permission slips that are event or situation-specific. These can be sent home with students to get permission/consent for a trip. If you are a part of a shoo; or a preschool and the school has an administrative system that employees can use these permission slips to get Permission from their parents for different activities, Permission slips templates are easily downloadable used by various people like students and professionals. The permission slip sample MS Word and PDF are available online. You can easily download, fill it, and print it.

Student Permission Slip Template

The student’s permission slip template is permission slips for the needs of students. Through these slips template, the students can take Permission from their parents and guardian for a rip field. The template has all the necessary columns related to the information of the students. These can be downloaded by the school authorities or teachers to circulate among the students. The student permission slip template is available in PDF format. The youth group permission slip template is also available for student’s requirements.

The available permission slips are below.

  • Student Permission Slip PDF
  • Permission slips in MSword
  • Boy scout Permission Slip MS Word
  • Movie Permission Slip PDF
  • Field Permission Slips Template
  • Photography permission slip Template

There other templates for students are bus permission slip template and fee permission slip template.

Permission Slip through Mobile App

There is an electronic way to take Permission to trip from the parents because  

the parents remain busy with their tasks. They have no time or leisure for a month for their children. The permission slip app template is available, so the parents can easily grant their Permission from anywhere, whether they or on a laptop, phone, or Tablet. Its sharing is so easy. You only send a link via email every time you plan a trip. An Electronic permission slip template is an example of it. The field trip permission slip template comes with an electronic signature field. The parents can provide their signature online. The signatures are safely stored as image files in your account for your records.

After deciding on a trip’s date and location, there was a need to collect a fee. In the past, the fee collection responsibility for the trip was challenging. Now, It is straightforward to obtain a small fee for the events. Trip participant connects his/her trip permission slip template to a preferred payment app to receive payments in minutes. The most trusted payment processors on the web are PayPal, stripe, and Authorize net.

With multi-user access and permissions. With a grant account access, the teachers, front office staff and other personnel can view permission data and a piece of vital trip information.

In short, a permission slip template is used to obtain the consent of the parents and guardians. The permission slip after filling out and signature signify that they have given their children consent to participate in the respective activities.

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