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If you handle the HR department of an organization, you may receive many requests to issue certificates of employment (COE) from employees. It is difficult to write each one from scratch; in this way, a well-designed Employment certificate template makes your work easier. You can just download a free certificate of employment sample and template in Word and PDF format. It serves as proof of someone’s employment.

In this article, you’ll learn what a certificate of employment is, how it is written and what things make it valuable. 

What is a Certificate of Employment?

A certificate of employment works as proof of someone’s employment. It contains essential information about an employee’s employment status, salary, employment duration, and the company’s information about where they work as an employee. If you want to make it effective, you should see a sample of employment certificates to understand it more. It is a statement of fact document about your employment that contains information according to the third party’s needs.

When you apply for a new job, rental house, health insurance, visa application, and other places where someone needs proof of your employment, it is usually required. If your employer terminates you, then as per law, you receive an employment certificate at the end; you can also get it whenever you need it.

When you have a responsibility to create or issue it, it is totally a waste of time to design it from scratch. You need to download the best employment verification template from our site, which is easy to use and available in every format that you prefer. Just write down all the information, and a professional employment certificate is ready in a few minutes. According to the law, employees have the right to get employment proof when they end their service in an organization or whenever they need it. See below to know how to write it and what elements must include making it useful. 

Things to Appear on Employment Certificate

When you apply for a new job, an employment certificate is needed to outline the work experience that helps you to stand in dozens of applicants. Sometimes it is used as a supporting document for a job when a potential employer needs an experienced employee for their company. You can get all the benefits of this certificate if it includes all the essential elements. Key elements of the employment certificate are as follows:

  • It must contain the details of the company that issues this certificate. The company’s name, company’s logo, address, and other contact details must appear on the employment certificate. 
  • The certificate should include the employer’s details.
  • It should contain the employee’s name, contact details, employment status, salary details, job description, job start date, and end date if they leave the job or are terminated. 
  • Some positive words show the employee’s good performance and behavior. 
  • Signature of the employer or the person who handles the employee’s matter. It is essential to make this certificate valid. 

The above elements are essential to include in an employment certificate to make it valid and professional. You can make it detailed by adding more elements to it. Download the editable sample of the employment certificate to make it as you need. 

When we Need a Certificate of Employment

A certificate of employment is needed when a third party asks to submit a statement of fact about your employment. The employee needs to submit a request for an employment certificate to the HR department. To meet the third-party need, employees should mention what must be part of this certificate in the request. There is the certain situation in which you need to verify your employment; some of these are as follows:

  • Ask by a potential employer: It is usually asked by the potential employer when you apply for a new job. They need proof of your work experience to make a decision.
  • Health insurance: You can ask for a certificate of employment when you still work in an organization and want this certificate to make health insurance. It is an organization’s duty to issue it when you request it. When you want to get a health insurance plan, they need proof of your employment for further procedure. 
  • To get a rental room: Sometimes, landlords ask you to submit an employment certificate before providing a rental room. They need to confirm your employment to avoid any disputes that may occur due to rent payments.
  • Visa application: When you submit a visa application to travel abroad, you need to verify your employment. An employment certificate from your company is needed to prove your income resources and job description. 

How to write a Certificate of Employment

Before writing the employment certificate, you should know what things need to be included to make it useful for the requestor. You can ask the Employee which type of information they need in this certificate. To make this process easier, you can download a certificate of employment sample in Docx and other appropriate formats that you need. See below to know how to write an effective employment certificate.

Step#1: Download template: Visit our gallery and download your favorite employment certificate sample and template. These templates are professionally designed and contain all the essential elements that make this certificate useful.
Step#2: Add company’s detail: Add your company’s details like logo, name, address, and other contact details.
Step#3: Put Employee’s details: Write down the Employee’s name, address, and other contact details in the required field.
Step#4: Employment’s detail: Now is the time to make it useful by adding employment details of the Employee like job title, job description, salary, and start and end date of the service. 
Step#5: Signature: The signature of the authorized person to make this certificate valid. 

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