17+ Free Divorce Certificate Templates

A divorce is a legal process of ending a marriage. Through divorce, a wedding is officially over. It is more permanent than separation and involves a legal process.

Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is a legal document written on a judicial paper under the court of law. A divorce certificate is different from a divorce decree. A court does not prepare it. It is issued by the state health department or the bureau of vital statistics. It is the same place where you get your birth certificate. It is a simple document that shows

  • Date of divorce
  • Place of divorce
  • You are divorced
  • Names of both former spouses
  • Uses Of Divorce
  • Getting a name change
  • Showing proof of divorce
  • Getting a travel visa
  • Getting a passport
  • Inheritance purposes
  • Getting married
  • To offer you are single

Divorce Decree And Divorce Certificate

There are two ways of divorce officially. Their short explanation is given below.

Divorce Decree

A divorce decree is a document prepared by the court. It sets forth the terms and the conditions for the divorce. It is signed by the judge and filed by the court clerk. Where the degree was issued 

Divorce Certificate

A divorce certificate is a document prepared by the state department of health conforming to divorce granted after a specific date. It contains basic information about the husband and wife, the date and the place where the marriage has ended.

Divorce Certificate Template

Marriage is a sacred and most appreciated relation between males and females in all societies globally and encourages every association. Through a marriage, two hearts and bodies meet, and a new and pleasant life beginning is initiated. A marriage not only binds two people together in the marriage journey but also changes the lives of two families and also allows them to make a new relationship with each other forever. But in some cases, due to certain misunderstandings and mishaps, a marriage can not continue more, and the two partners insist on separation. After passing through some legal procedures, they are issued a divorce. A divorce is the ending of the marriage and a depressing act on both ends. The people are compelled to do so at a particular time. Both parties should have a legally processed case, leading to legal documentation in which the divorce certificate template is very impatient.

This is a legal obligation of separation between two persons. There are some terms and conditions which have to be followed by both afterward. A divorce certificate template PDF/Free Word is an essential document. It has various purposes after divorce has happened. If you are going to remarry, a divorce certificate template must be presented to the court of law before issuing the marriage certificate of a new marriage. Apart from remarrying, a divorce certificate template is used to claim child expenses if there are any children and the other party is misbehaving in this regard. A case can be quickly filed if one has a divorce certificate template. A divorce certificate is written in portrait orientation on a judicial standard size paper. Its first title mentions the court name with an official logo, and the heading of the certificate per name is written “Certificate Of Divorce.” The terms of both parties filed at relevant spaces along with required details such as date of marriage and divorce. The two copies of the divorce certificate are made for both parties, officially sealed and signed by the judge from a concerned court of law. There are several online divorce certificate templates available online for personal use.

Sample Of Divorce Certificate 

The following is a sample of the divorce certificate.

                                Divorce Certificate

                                This certifies that

  _______________________ and_________________________

                     Ended their marriage through divorce



____________________ ____________________

Magistrate witnessed                   

Divorce Agreement Form

A divorce agreement/letter is a written document that outlines an agreement between two parties relating division of the property, assets, debts, and the arrangement of the custody care and the support of the children. It is an enforceable document if either party fails to hold up their side of the agreement. It conforms to specific requirements that vary between two states. When there is a doubt, you must always consult with a legal professional in a state /country.

A good divorce agreement identifies the following essential points.

  • Parties: Two spouses be identified
  • Ground: Divorce reason should be mentioned 
  • Property: The division of all property conformed
  • Children Arrange children’s custody, care, and support.
  • Agreements: include indemnities 
  • Legalese: enforceable language should be used

The divorce agreement template sample is available in PDF. You can download it easily for your purposes.

Importance Of Divorce Certificate Template 

A divorce certificate template is generally signed by the court’s judge, where both or at least one file is requested for divorce—the minor difference between a divorce and separation. A legal separation does not put an end to the marriage. It enables or compels them to live separately, but they remain married. Whenever a couple wants to get a divorce, he/she should have to apply to get a divorce. They can file a request for divorce with the reasoning sheet’s additions at the office of the court clerk or the office of the judge at the national family court. The printable divorce certificate template is issued from the county the plaintiff or resides in or where they got married. A divorced person may use a certificate as evidence of divorce for different purposes. 

Details Of Divorce Certificate Format

A divorce certificate format/form consists of basic information about the spouses

that is given below.

  • , Exact date of divorce issuance  
  • The place where they have ended their marriage 
  • Date of marriage
  • Reason for divorce
  • Names of the witnesses for divorce
  • Information about children
  • Own amount of property
  • Shares of property or inheritance
  • Ex-couples address

There is one more thing a couple should have to consider before getting a divorce certificate. The office will provide a divorce order. A divorce order can not prove that you are legally divorced because there is usually a waiting period after the divorce has been granted before it can take effect. The court will not issue a divorce certificate until the waiting period has elapsed and the divorce has taken effect legally. Fake divorced certificates are also available but are not valid legally.

In short, a divorce certificate template is a document. It demands a legal procedure to end a marriage. Through proper use of it a marriage overs and issued related separations have also come into the discussion.

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