20+ (Free) Restaurant Organizational Chart Templates (PDF)

Restaurant organizational chart is used to represent the structure of a restaurant graphically that shows the responsibilities or functions of each member within a restaurant. You can download these useful organization chart templates for a restaurant in PDF format. These templates are also available in Word and other formats that you prefer. In this article, we share a complete guide about it that helps you to create a perfect organizational chart with responsibilities for a restaurant easily.

Restaurant Organizational Chart

An organizational chart is used to visualize the workflow in a restaurant. An organizational diagram defines the workflow in a restaurant, who is responsible for whom, relationship between the team members, and hierarchy of the commands. The name of each staff member, designation, responsibilities, employee ID, and relationship/link with other employees or departments is depicted in this diagram. In the organizational chart, the links between employees or departments are shown with lines, and the name with the responsibilities of each staff member are illustrated in circles or rectangle shapes.

With the help of an organizational chart, it is easy to understand the structure or design of the restaurant and helpful to run the restaurant easily and efficiently. It is also referred to as org charts or organigram charts. You can see the restaurant organizational chart examples that help you to understand it and run your restaurant effectively. To make your work easier, we share a list of the best ready-made restaurant organizational charts with each staff member’s responsibilities in PDF and Word Formats. It is essential to maintain the organizational chart and update the chart for recruits when an employee leaves the job and employees get promoted or change the positions.

restaurants organizational chart

Purposes of organizational chart

Organizational charts are an essential tool to visually display the structure of a restaurant that defines how the restaurant works, information about staff, and their roles. Some primary purposes of the organizational chart are as follows:

  • It is used to present the workflow of a restaurant visually that helps to understand the structure of it.
  • Illustrate the relationship between different departments of restaurants and employees.
  • To smoothly run the restaurant, it is necessary to understand the responsibilities of each staff member and their rights in the restaurant.
  • Graphical representation of the organization structure helps to maintain or update it effectively.
  • It is a great tool to estimate the budget and generate a report monthly about employee performance, budget details, and other information related to the restaurant.
  • For the new hires, it is easy to understand the whole structure of how the organization is working, who charges for what, and what’s the role of him/her in this.

Organizational Structure of Restaurant

The structure of a restaurant is designed to implement the actions according to the specified instruction and thing executed with the chain of commands. A process or operation is completed in a system with the defined rules and permissions. If a staff member wants to do something that is included in his/her responsibilities, then he/she should ask the manager to do that. The roles of the different member to implement a system or command are as follows:

  1. The owner: A person who is responsible for the finance, right to take profit, transfer the ownership, and close the organization. He is not too involved in the daily activity of the restaurant, but he is the final decision-maker. The owner of the organization commands the general for any action or activity to do that.
  2. Role of the manager: It is vital to select a person who can supervise all the work in the restaurant efficiently. They are responsible for a whole day’s activity, hiring the new peoples and their training, communication with the owner and other so many works.
  3. Front of house staff: The staff members in a restaurant who are responsible for making this business successful. In front of house staff, it includes the servers, hosts, bartenders, barebackers, and others. The manager specifies the duties of each member.
  4. Back of house staff: A team that works in the kitchen is called back of house staff. For the development of any restaurant, it is necessary to hire a hard-working and well -rained kitchen crew in your organization. They use a food hierarchy chart to implement their work more effectively.

How to create restaurant organizational chart in Word

Every person wants to complete their work easily and efficiently. For that purpose, you can download free restaurant organizational charts available in different formats that utilize the chain of command and define the workflow of the restaurant visually. We share a few steps that help to create an effective org chart easily. These are as follows:

Step1: Open Microsoft Word. Click the Blank sheet then a blank document will be open on your screen.

Step2: Go to the “Insert” tab. Click on the “Smart Art.” You can see the gallery of SmartArt.

Step3: Select the hierarchy to create an organizational chart. You can choose the other one as you need.

Step4: A text pane with the selected layout should appear on your sheet. Type your text in the text pane that you want in to display in every box

Step5: After writing your text in the boxes, save your document, and print it out.

Benefits of organizational chart

Significant benefits of the organizational chart are as follows:

  • The best tool to achieve the objective of the business easily.
  • Help to understand how the system is implemented efficiently.
  • Maintenance and updates are quickly done.
  • Build excellent communication between the departments or employees 
  • Help to make important decisions.
  • New hires understand the structure of the organization more effectively.

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