20+ Free Orientation Checklist Templates

Orientation is a stage of onboarding where new hires meet their team members, understand their roles and responsibilities, learn company policies, and much more that help the new employees to settle into the company’s work environment. To make this process successful, the HR department needed to make an orientation checklist to cover all the necessary things timely. 

Visit our gallery to find orientation checklist templates in Word and PDF formats to make your orientation process effective. The orientation checklist works as a great tool to make the new hires’ orientation successful. Read on to learn about the orientation checklist, simple ideas to make it, and tips for writing it effectively. 

What is an Orientation Checklist?

Orientation of recruits is a part of onboarding to adjust the employees in a new workplace. It is the responsibility of the HR department to introduce the new hires to their team members, state important company policies, and provide details to understand the roles of each new employee. In this way, an orientation checklist template helps you make a list of tasks you need to perform for a successful orientation. You can see the new employee orientation checklist in DOC, PDF, and Word format to make any changes that suit you.

An orientation checklist gives you and new hires a direction to follow for an effective, informative, and smooth orientation process. This orientation checklist contains the new employee’s name, position, hiring date, department, list of tasks to be performed, details about each task, and other essential details that need to be explained to complete the orientation process. However, orientation checklists ensure to cover all the essential tasks for the orientation of the new hire completely. Therefore, it is a helpful tool that can make the new hires’ orientation successful.

How to Create a Successful Orientation Checklist

Orientation is an essential step in the onboarding process of the new hire to introduce the workplace policies and values. To make a practical orientation checklist, you need to understand what should be included to make your work simpler. Download the new employee orientation checklist from our site and follow the below-mentioned steps to set up a successful orientation. 

Step1: Download a template: The orientation process is successful if you have a complete task checklist that you need to do for the new hires’ orientation. Download the new hire orientation checklist in a format that suits you better.
Step2: Add new hire information: Write the new hire’s name, department, and designation details.
Step3: Put all the to-do tasks for orientation: Add the list of tasks you need to perform for a successful orientation. Make a schedule for introducing new hires with team members, details about the company’s policies and values, and provide basic resources to the new employees. The employees use the resources to perform their responsibilities at the workplace.
Step4: Add some details: Write some details about your orientation process that describe how things will be performed to make it successful. You need to see the example of the orientation checklist to get ideas of what type of description to include to make it complete.
Step5: Review the checklist: Review and revise the checklist to add the missing things in it. If there are any errors, then make them correct before starting the implementation on this checklist guide.
Step6: Signature: Get the signature of new hires and legal authority to complete this procedure successfully. 

Why Do We Need an Orientation Checklist?

Orientation is a crucial step in the onboarding program that focuses on every little thing to make it successful. For that purpose, a plan or checklist helps you outline the orientation task to follow a systematic and effective orientation. Read on to understand the importance of the orientation checklist. 

  • Reduce confusion: Orientation is a process where the company’s legal authorities are responsible for introducing the company’s new hires to the workplace environment. A task list of the orientation process allows you to make things clear and eliminate any confusion about new hires. 
  • Provide Direction: A well-designed checklist template gives you a way to complete this process effectively. It helps you capture all the things of the orientation process and follow it to complete the cycle of new hire orientation. 
  • Make the process simpler: You need to follow up on every little thing by using an accurate checklist to make the orientation simpler and easier. When you have a list of tasks, it is easy to check your process direction.  

Tips to Write a Comprehensive Orientation Checklist

When you have responsibility for the orientation program for the new hires, a checklist template helps you plan orientation day activities. Orientation can be one day or several days depending on your company policy. Adopt the below-mentioned tips to make this process effective and complete. 

  • Clearly state what are the roles and responsibilities of each new employee.
  • Review the orientation checklist to fix the error if any exist. 
  • Ask the new hires for feedback to know what they think about their work and company.
  • Make a schedule to complete this process timely.
  • Make sure the orientation checklist clearly defines each element of this process to avoid any confusion. 

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