30+ Old (Vintage) Newspaper Templates – Free (Word,PDF)

We have collected the old newspaper templates in various file formats like Word, PDF and google docs. These printable free newspaper templates are customizable and easy to use, that means you can edit these to use. It is vital to follow a professional newspaper format to break any news of your organization, institute, clubs and others. Below we share some guidelines that help you to create incredible newspapers.

What is Old Newspaper?

In the old ages, newspapers were the only source of knowledge about the world, society, sports, entertainment, trade and others. Every organization, institute and clubs want to publish the related news in a professional design. Sometimes we don’t want to hire a professional to design a newspaper template. For that purpose we share a collection of best old fashioned newspaper templates in different formats, you can download these templates in a format that works for you. If you want to make your newspaper incredible, then you should follow an appropriate format of the news and articles to make it interesting.

Newspapers are the best source of communication between people and the world; it is the most significant way to get daily news and stay aware of current affairs. Try to publish interesting and informative news in a way that the reader understands it quickly with authentic statistics. Divide the newspaper into different sections that are allocated to the entertainment news, sports and games, economics, crime and for the ads. Select your favourite newspaper layout templates from this site. All these layouts are editable; you can edit as your need. These old-time newspaper templates are easy to use, you can edit these free templates by applying different fonts, text colours and changing the layouts as you wish.

Elements of Newspaper 

It is essential to read newspapers and television to get updates about the world. There are proper formats to print a newspaper. You can find here the newspaper template in Word, PDF and other formats that works for you. It is easy to download and work with these templates. All these templates are well designed and available in a professional format. The newspaper contains different parts like articles, opinions, stories, entertainment, sport and other news. Below we share elements of the newspaper that must be followed by every newspaper.

  1. Anchor story: Anchor news is used on the first page of the newspaper. Usually, the front page of the newspaper contains the headlines of the best news, but the headline style of this story is different from the other hard stories. 
  2. Banner: Banner is a headline that appears on the top newspaper. The news or story that is most important appears beneath the masthead of the newspaper.
  3. Box: A printed box is used to publish an essential and unusual story. 
  4. Byline: The name of the article writer is printed between the article text or headlines. That printed line is called byline. 
  5. Caption: A printed line under the image printed in the newspaper is called a caption. 
  6. Classified: The classified is a form of advertisement run in the newspaper, and the traders pay for this advertisement. 
  7. Dateline: It is a printed line appearing in the story that describes the date when this story is written and the name of the place where this is written. 
  8. Masthead: Masthead is the most important section of the newspaper that contains the name of the newspaper, publish date, place, name of the editor, etc. 
  9. Editorial: It is also called a leading article, leader or that is written by the newspaper publisher to state the opinion of the newspaper printed on the front page. 
  10. Folio: It is a printed line that shows the page number, date and day of publication. 
  11. Headlines: Headlines are printed on the top of the front page that shows the main point of news or story.

Importance of newspaper 

Below we share some points that help you to understand how the newspaper is important in our daily life. 

  • It is one of the most powerful communication mediums between the people and the world.
  • It is the best source to inform people about entertainment, politics, sports and other news.
  • A section contains the public opinion in the newspaper; people easily know about public views.
  • It provides excellent benefits for students, business owners, politicians, older people and others. All the things about which you want to know are available in one place. 
  • It plays an important role to reduce the rate of unemployment because the companies or organizations use newspapers for the advertisement of jobs. 
  • It contains regional, country and world news. 
  • People read the newspaper daily as a part of their life event they have television and mobile sources for news.

Benefits of newspaper

There are many advantages to a newspaper; some significant benefits are as follows:

  • Newspapers keep aware of the people about what’s going on in the country, state and world. 
  • It plays a vital role in educating people by providing general knowledge, sports news, politics, etc. 
  • Newspapers build the reading habit in you that may help in your daily life to make your work a bit easier and efficient. 
  • All things like sports, politics, articles, stories, entertainment, trends, ads, and others you want to know are available in newspapers.
  • It can be easily accessible in every area to connect the people with the world.

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