30+ Salary (Payslip) Certificate Templates (PDF, Word)

What is Salary Certificate?

Salary Certificate is a legal document that shows all details about an employee such as, employee’s designation, promotions, and break-up (net salary, gross salary, allowances, taxes, and deductions). Employee salary certificate also includes details about an employee’s company name, job joining date, and the official position. You can download free salary certificate format templates in Doc, PPT, and Excel. 

The Need Of salary Certificate

The salary certificate is the need and right of every kind of employee in any department. Without it, he can not consider himself a financially secured employee of any department from Government to non-governments. The salary certificate is the only proof for showing his identity to applying for any kind of his/her demand.

The Issuance Of Salary Certificate

The primary responsibility of the issuance of a salary certificate is to the HR department of any institute. Whenever an employee needs it, he/she applies for it through an application after an official procedure of the HR department, the salary certificate is issued to the desired employee, without any formal process, it can’t be issued. These printable salary certificate templates are easy to use and available in one click.

The Purpose of Salary Certificate 

The primary purpose of the salary certificate is to get a loan from banks. The banks want to ensure the current salary of the employee. The merit for the loan to an applicant is considered on the issuance of a salary certificate. Without order to getting a loan to an employed person becomes a bit difficult.

Detail of salary certificate template

In the salary certificate detail, main points are under as

  • Employee’s name
  • Employee’s designation
  • Contact information
  • Company’s name
  • Except mentioned all above info other features is under as
  • The gross salary of basic employee salary
  • Details of deductions
  • What is the total deduction
  • Employee job joining date
  • Employee’s retirement
  • Date of joining on his present designation
  • Signature of an authorized officer 

Above mentioned details must be on the facts and figures.

Formats of salary certificate template

The formats of salary certificate are available in five formats that are under as; 

  1. Salary certificate template in word
  2. Salary certificate template in Excel
  3. .Salary certificate in DOC
  4. .Salary certificate in PDF
  5. Salary certificate in PSD

Difference between salary certificate and Form 16


Sometimes people don’t know how to format the salary certificate, and you can see sample salary certificate format templates to understand it. These well-formatted salary certificates show the amount being drawn by an employee. It is proof of an employee that can be used in order for different purposes. Also, indicate an employee of any institute, etc.


Form 16 gives an account of the salary that has been paid to an during the year and also TDS and tax deductions towards income. It is a type of income tax form which is used to IT returns by an employee. It’sIt’s proof of paying income tax by the employee. It is for Employees who fall under the income tax bracket.it is mandatory to file income tax returns.

Difference between salary slip and salary certificate


It is a document that is issued by the employer at the request of an employee. It consists of the employee’s salary details. and components like HRA, LTA, Bonus that are paid and all the deduction for a specified usually in a month and year


It is a verified document issued by an employer on the request of an employee how much money an employee earned during a month to fulfill his basic needs.

Difference between Gross salary or Cash Salary Certificate


Gross salary is a term that is used to describe an employee earns during a year fingered before any deductions that are taken for state and federal taxes: social security and health insurance.


In the salary certificate, an explanation is referred to about the name, his joining date, an employee’s designation, and the amount of per month salary is written.

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