20+ Free Storage Unit Lease (Rental) Agreement Forms (PDF)

Storage unit lease is a legal document that is used to specify the terms and conditions under which a landlord is allowed to let you store your items when you don’t have enough space for that. It is vital to prepare a lease or rental agreement that prevents you from any legal issues in the future. Browse our collection to get storage unit lease templates in different formats like DOC, PPT, and PDF. In this article, we share complete guidelines of the storage unit lease agreement that may work for you.

What is a storage unit lease agreement?

A lease agreement is used when the landlord agrees to rent land property to the tenant. In the storage unit industry, the storage unit is used when a party doesn’t have enough space in their building or office to store their items then they make an agreement with a landlord to rent a storage unit. To understand the terms and conditions of the landlord and the tenants, a document signed by both parties shows that they agree. It is also referred to as storage rental agreement or storage space lease agreement. It includes the name of both parties, contract termination details, terms and conditions, payment details and description, location of the storage unit, security information and all other information that must be included in a lease agreement.

You can download free storage unit lease agreement templates in PDF and DOC format. The storage owner can visit the storage unit to know about the stuff for which it is used. Storage rental agreement can be used for individual personal items and commercial things, you need to rent a storage unit that is according to your needs. You can get the free sample storage space lease contract to understand it more quickly and efficiently. If you don’t know anything about it, then it will help you to make a better decision.

What should include in the storage unit lease agreement

To make your agreement, you should include all the essentials in it. This practice prevents you from legal issues. If you don’t know how to create a solid storage space lease contract, then download these templates in a format that works for you. In our collection of agreement templates, you can find every template is well designed and contains all the key components. The essential things that must be included in this agreement are as follows:

  1. Introduction of both parties: Name of the landlord and the tenants and other details.
  2. Contact details: Phone numbers of both parties, renter’s home address, and email. 
  3. Payment details: It should be stated clearly and concisely. How much the landlord charges for this storage unit monthly. Details about the payment procedures, due date, deposits, and fees after the due date payment. 
  4. Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions under which this agreement is made should be clearly defined, like contract termination details, security terms, access hours, and other details. 
  5. Location of storage unit: Before signing the contract, it is good to read it completely and check the location that you select to store your items and the place mentioned in the agreement. 
  6. Termination details: The date when this agreement will expire. 
  7. Signature: To make this agreement valid, sign it by both parties. 

To make your work easier, we share a list of well-designed storage space forms templates which you can download in a click. In the business industry, it is referred to as a “Storage facility,” you can get the agreement templates from our collection as needed.

Things to do before moving to the storage unit

A couple of things you must do before moving your items to the storage unit. It may help you a lot and make your work easier.

  1. The first thing you should do is that, notify your landlord before moving that you want to move your items in the storage unit. 
  2. Ask the landlord about the keys to unlock it. 
  3. Clean your storage unit before moving there and renovate it if necessary. 
  4. The most important thing from the security point of view is to remove the storage unit lock of the landlord. Tenants should use their own lock to protect the things from damage or loss placed in it. 
  5. Sign a contract that contains essential factors on which both parties are agreed. 
  6. Determine the access hours in the contract that helps the landlord to protect their storage unit from the tenants who want to live in it.

Storage Unit Tips 

Below are some tips that may be helpful for you.

  • Gather information about the landlord and what kind of person he is; it may help you to do your work easily. 
  • Select the things that you want to store in the storage space. 
  • Compare the monthly prices of storage units in the market and select one that is available at a reasonable price.
  • The location of your storage space is very important in terms of accessibility and cost.
  • Only select storage units in a secure area.

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