30+ Gym Membership Contract Templates – Free (PDF, DOC)

It is a legally binding document between the gym owner’s administration and gym members in which both parties have to obey and agree with the terms and conditions while members join the gym. It has much importance for both of them. The applicable contract teaches how to follow the terms and conditions of any club, church, party, and gym.

What is a Contract?

As per civil or legal code, a contract is a meeting and the understanding of minds of two persons, parties, countries, whereby one binds or accepts himself concerning another to give something to others or to perform some services, the meeting, and the understanding mean consciousness among both persons, parties and countries.

Why do you have a gym contract?

It refers to the importance of the gym contract because many authorities have laws demanding gyms to have rules and conditions in those contracts, and the gym owners want to limit their liabilities to the maximum extent allowed by applicable laws.

Gym Admission Form in Pdf

It is also a kind of contract form, it is consists of the following main particulars it is available in Pdf format, and you can easily download it.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Dob
  • Home Place
  • Work Pace 
  • Cell No
  • Address
  • City
  • province/state
  • Zip Code
  • Employee spouse
  • Department no 
  • Department location

Except for particulars, as mentioned earlier, others are included.

Gym Membership Form Template

It is a membership form that eases the process of collecting, processing, and managing client registration. The gym’s client membership provides them with membership information and as well as client personal information and the emergency contact details. The membership form is entirely customizable through different jotform tools, and integrations. The space for adding some other particular, i.e., your logo, visual and informative content also collects payments through a form via payment integration as well as change its themes, colors, font, and background also attach the way with your website. The main feature of the enrolment fee is also added for every age gym member.

Its main particulars are part of it and under bellow:

Full Name

Street Address


Its other titles are as Gym club Membership Registration, Member Application Form Member Registration Forms, etc. you can easily download them.

Gym Membership Contract Example

The example of membership is that you have been experienced promising something, but not been given on the same day, now tell me that have you already had an agreement with someone? How will you feel ? when someone breached you? Have you arranged any agreement or done something about that? Have you any legally binding or contract and any settlement. It is mandatory .sir, whatever deal you are filing, whether it is management agreement or business or any other. To its assurance for both parties to benefit, it is compulsory after signature no one can be prejudiced. The agreement and contract become enforceable for both parties in law, and no code can deny it. The different kinds of contracts are available, for example, the service contract. Business Associate agreement and construction project contract examples in MS Word, PDF, Editable in PDF file format, as well as Google Docs.

Gym Term And Conditions

 All of the rules equally apply to the regular and temporary members of the Gym and as well as guests and staff, employees, subcontractors, agents, and representatives. All members of the Gym are bonded, all the facilities of the Gym are correctly and safely used, and they have full advantage of them. The Term and conditions are under as, all members are non-transferable non-refundable. All members must be over 16 to avail of all provided facilities and services at the Gym and fitness club gym Member Agreement.

The Garda checks will run on a case by case if someone fails in Garda checks, membership will be canceled.

The members will apply for renewing on payment of the prevailing fee following terms and conditions.

They will accept and agree to be bound terms and conditions at once.

The Gym possesses a right and authority to any reasonable change reason in the terms and conditions from time to time, and the club must give advance notice of these changes.

In case of any damage, loss, and injury, the member must obtain his insurance, they exercise their destruction and is their responsibility.

The member should himself report on accidents, incidents, and problems with services.

If any member is found in breaking any rules or committing legal activities, he will be asked to pay the penalty or permanently to leave Gym, and he will be barred from ever entering Gym again. 

Gym Member Agreement Sample

The membership agreement is also a kind of contract between two persons and parties to outline the expectation for both of them. The specifics of the agreement depend only on the type of service you offer except for user interactions. It also covers all aspects of mentioned items such as restrictions, fees, obligation privacy, and liability. Kindly take the time before joining any gym to write an agreement to prevent any dispute in the future.

The Member required, including information, must be named, Date of birth, Address, cell no and email address.

In agreement must mention the provided service, the primary cost to become a member of the gym, and monthly charges.

In agreement, write down those activities which can be considered to be the breaking of agreement and include consequences for the termination of membership.

The privacy policy also mentioned in an agreement to all members information about how the information will be used and shared if possible.

In an agreement, gyms include contact information so that members may reach for further queries. 

At the end of an agreement, at the bottom of the agreement, signature and dateline must be included.

Free Gym Template In Doc

It is also a gym contract template in DOC Several free images gym templates are available in DOC whose contents are relevant to your interest. You can promote your fitness club, and more individuals join your fitness club or gym in cost-effective manners. You can easily download with fast speed for your purpose. It consists of a contract or agreement terms and conditions before joining any gym club. It also binds both parties by signing so that you may be safe from any disputes and forbidden activities. These images can be easily edited and accessible.

Gym Contract Sample in Pdf

It is also a legally binding agreement that is enforceable in a court of law. Every gym must have their contract if any member fails to follow he will be facing serious legal charges, and he may end up paying huge fines. It also gives outlines of terms and conditions for the use of gym facilities. You can entitle and limit the required things in it. Here are different membership samples in Doc. You will find them very interesting and useful. In short, gym contracts or agreements are available in many images in different formats with terms and conditions.

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