35+ Printable Trailer Rental Agreement Templates (PDF)

Trailer rental agreement template or form is used when a person or company leases a trailer to another person under specific terms and conditions. The lessor owns the trailer for specific days mentioned in the trailer rental agreement. To make this agreement effective, you can get well-formatted printable trailer rental lease agreement templates and forms in different formats like Word and PDF.

What is the trailer rental agreement?

The lease is an agreement between two parties when someone wants to use the equipment, vehicle, and other property for a specific period. When a contract is signed to use the trailer on rent, it is called a trailer rental agreement. It is also referred to as a trailer lease agreement. It should include the necessary information of trailer, client, lease start and end date, terms and condition, payment terms and procedures, liability details, insurance, responsibilities of the lessee, and other essential information. Sometimes drawing up a lease agreement is not so easy; you can browse our collection to get a ready-made trailer lease agreement. You can edit these templates as you need and print it out.

It may help you in case of arising disputes during this lease period. It is an essential document for both parties, that is used to state all the things in written form and helpful to understand these things efficiently. You can also see semi-trailer rental agreement templates and sample PDF; it may help you to draw up a solid agreement. It is vital to check if the information included in this agreement is correct or not before signing it by both parties. Signatures at the end of the rental agreement specify that both parties are agreed on the terms and conditions mentioned in it.

Key components of trailer lease agreement

Essential components that should be included in a trailer lease agreement to make this document useful are as follows:

  1. The name, address, email address, and contact details of the lessee(a lessee is a person or company who uses the rental trailer).
  2. Information of lessor like name, business address, phone number, email address, and other essential details.
  3. The date when the lease starts.
  4. The lease end date.
  5. Purpose of taking the rental trailer and location where this trailer will be used.
  6. State the conditions that make the lessee liable. It should include liability details.
  7. Detail of insurance for the rental trailer.
  8. Trailer description like model, year, registration number, and other details.
  9. Payments details like deposit fees, total payment, monthly payment, payment terms, and procedures.
  10. The terms if clients want to buy this trailer.

The above things are essential and should be included in the trailer lease contract; you can add more components to make it more effective.

Tips for renting a trailer

If you want to use a renting trailer for a long time or a short time, some essential things that you should keep in mind before signing the agreement. We share some tips that help you to make a better decision.

  • Check market: It is vital to check what the business reputation of each lessor company available in the market is. Nowadays, you can search for the best deals with online searches. It is easy to find a lesser company that gives the best deals, and their business reputation is better than others.
  • Compare prices: When you find the lessor company, the next step is to compare the prices with other companies and select the one that gives fantastic deals.
  • Ask for a discount: If you find the price is a bit higher than the other companies and you can’t afford this price then ask them for a discount. Asking for the discount is not a bad thing, but sometimes customers feel ashamed to ask for it. But the client should ask for it when they use the trailer for an extended time to get the best deals.
  •  Buy insurance: When you get the rental trailer for a long time, it is essential to get the insurance. Trailer is used for heavy loading and unloading; it may increase the risk of loss and damage. For that purpose, the insurance helps you to cover any loss or damage during this lease duration.

Benefits of trailer lease agreement

Some significant benefits of the lease agreement are as follows:

  • Leasing business is the best way to earn money with fixed assets for a long period of time without any additional investment.
  • If you want to start your business early, a lease agreement helps you to do that.
  • It is also helpful to reduce the risk of your business failure.
  • If the trailer is not reliable lessee can terminate this agreement
  • The benefits of tax availed by both; lessee and lessor.
  • With a lease vehicle or equipment, it is easy to start a business for a short period of time. It helps you to make better decisions in the future.

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