16+ Free Film Shooting Schedule Templates (PDF, Word)

We have shared a collection of free film shooting schedule templates and example formats that are available in Word, PDF and Excel sheet format. Production houses have to follow all those rules which play an indispensable role in the productions as mentioned above. When we have a glance at words shooting and schedule. We divert our attention to a successful plan and timetable that is essential to video production in films and dramas as well as commercial production.

Shooting schedule, in fact, a document that guides every following step that is an integral part of successful film making dramas and commercials. It is prepared before starting any project in the showbiz field.

Production Schedule

The production schedule is, in fact, a tool that guarantees timely productions of film drama and commercials. Production plans were abided by the film crew till the last step of filmmaking, dramas, and so on. The production schedule is the soul of film, drama and commercial production.In the  shouting schedule if the soul is suffered the whole shooting schedule body may be affected.

Role of Assistant Director in Shooting Schedule.

Assistant Director is the only person who is responsible for the shooting schedule Director of any project assigns whole responsibilities to the assistant director. Sensible assistant director organizes shooting schedule plans. This tool, document, and strategy is available in the film shooting template in the assistant director’s approach. You can get these printable and editable templates in google docs. 

Shooting Schedule As a Document

As a document, it is an acknowledgment consent and withstand aspect which is to be followed to the assistant director till completion of any production in the showbiz field. 

Shooting schedule in Production Houses 

Any producer in any production house can deny shooting schedules, tools, plans, documents, and templates in preparation for any production. You can see the sample or example of fim shooting schedule template to manage your time efficiently. It is the only road map that is mandatory in accomplishing showbiz production


Shooting schedule As a plan

Successful people make plans for success in their lives. The assistant director also wishes to succeed in shooting Schedule as a plan. Movie shooting schedule template  is the only key that opens the locked door of the success of an assistant director in the shooting schedule.

what’s Shooting Schedule Includes

Things that should be included in shooting schedule:

The shooting schedule consists of a cast of the project, location names, crew, and special effects. It also helps in the next production planning.

The film shooting schedule template is the only key to success in drama, film, and any video making, a hard-working assistant director’s keen interest is also key to the success of any showbiz production.

The importance of Timing in Shooting Schedule 

The shooting schedule is incomplete without the timing plan. Timing is an essential factor in shooting schedules and in time completion of any showbiz project. The assistant director has to inform the actor, actress, set designers, dress designers almost all crew of any film and drama production.

Security Of Production Crew

In the accomplishment of any showbiz shooting schedule production security of the team is an essential factor without its crew losses. It’s in the interest of its assigned tasks. Outsiders caused insecurity for production personnel. While they are busy in their allotted role on shooting spots, the Assistant director arranges security for the crew.

Main points in the Shooting Schedule template are under as 

  1. Shooting date
  2. Shooting.Time 
  3. Number of scenes 
  4. Director name
  5. Assistant director
  6. Cameraman. 
  7. Producer name
  8. Music director
  9. Runner
  10. Story writer presence
  11. lightning 
  12. Dress designer
  13. Spot boy

Software, workbook, layout, Test screening, and Animation is necessary for film making. All these are needed in every kind of film and drama making industry. All these have to abide by shooting schedule personal necessarily, except these others are also included in the shooting schedule template.

The shouting schedule should have space and flexibility to reverse and change the shooting schedule template. Flexibility creates softness in changing the shooting schedule.

Factors Responsible Changing Shooting Schedule 

Life is not so straight; it changes with the passage of time. It also affects a pre-planned shooting schedule. Main factors which are caused the change of shooting schedule these are under as


Weather is an essential factor in changing the shooting schedule. It causes rain, storm, etc. due to its assistant director have to change shooting schedule template


Death is the universal truth. Death is also an integral part of life, which causes changing the shooting schedule if a significant individual who died while shooting schedule causes the delay of the shooting schedule.


Illness also causes changing shooting schedules. If someone very important in shooting schedules falls ill, it also causes changing shooting schedules.


The irresponsibility of actors and actresses of any celebrity causes changes in the shooting schedule, which makes lame excuses while shooting is expected. Onset and location, they refrain themselves due to lame excuses.


The security risk is an essential factor in changing shooting schedules, sometimes shooting schedules have to be reversed due to security risk location areas which cause threat for security reasons created in the changed shooting schedule.

Role of Stipedboard Film Making

The role of stripboard is vital in any film production. It is a term that is used in film making. It contains information about film scenes in film development steps during the shooting schedule.

Seven Stages Of Film Production 

In the shooting schedule, from the beginning step to the distribution of film, the following stages have to face the director and assistant director and other members of the team according to the shooting schedule.

Following stages are under as 

  1. Preparation of film’s script 
  2. Pre-production discussion
  3. Assign of allotted duties of the crew
  4. Preparation of photography
  5. Wrap
  6. Post-production
  7. Distribution of film

Number of Film Scenes During Shooting Schedule

In 100 to 120 minutes, five to seven scenes should be shooted in a day then a film can be completed on time otherwise the shooting schedule needs changes in it.

Last Notes

 In short`in shooting schedule template, film scenes are put manually and could be reversed. These are still followed. The shooting schedule software process is also being used in the film making industry in old production houses as well as new production houses and also liked most. The shooting schedule template is being used in every country in film production In 2020,.we can not deny the importance of the shooting schedule template in the film industry.it is needed for the hour in film production.

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