20+ Free Printable Deed of Gift Form Templates & Samples

Deed of gift form is a legal document or template that registers the desire to give a gift puts in effect between the donor (the person who gives the gift) and donee. (the person who receives a gift). The document composes an accurate documentary record. The given gift can be movable or immovable. You can get a gift deed template and free sample deed of the model in PDF and MS Word. As we know that gifting is a voluntary action. The gift deed must mention that this deed has been done voluntarily and without the donner’s own choice, likeness, and any force and choice.

Deed of Gift Templates

It also mentioned that the donner is not bankrupt. The gift is being delivered without any consideration. The important point is that the acceptance of the gift must be recorded in the gift deed by the receiver’s signature, and also mentions that donee is a possession of gift acceptance. The registration of the deed is also a necessary step; it should be registered under the Transfer Of Property Act. The gift involves immovable property, and one must be accepted during life, not after death.

Ground Realities of Deed of Gift

Ground reality refers to the existence of the situation .in deed of gift, what is based on a deed of gift? What are the cases why a donor donates or gives a gift to do what is based on a gift of a deed? The real and possible conditions are mentioned in a deed of the gift based on giving any property. Without it, the deed gift seems baseless. Three essential elements are compulsory to the making of the gift of deed agreement delivery, donate and intention the willing of donor and donee is mandatory to give and receive of the gifts in case of gift deed the rate is the same if the receipt is a family member then only0.5% has to pay as stamp duty. Deeds of a gift are available in free and printable formats and images. A gift deed is not necessary for cash and cheque. A gift of a deed cannot be conditional. The oral gift is an immovable property, which is illegal in law and can not be passed any title to a donee.

Difference b/w Deed of Gift and Will

The difference between the two is as the deed of the gift operates as soon as in life, whereas it will employ only after the death of the testator.

The essential step in the deed of gift is as:

The property to be gifted must be evaluated by an approved valuation expert while signing the gift deed; the presence of two witnesses is compulsory.

The document must be submitted at the office of the sub-registrar after the signature.

Deed of Gift Types

The deed of gift is of two types its explanation is under as;


In this type of gift deed, the doner keeps a legal document when he gifts to his son or daughter or other family members.


In this kind of gift donor, the donor has the authority to take back and can cancel it after gifting a property.

Deed of Gift as An Agreement

Deed of a gift is also a kind of an agreement in document format used to give some money or property and gifts from one person to another. Sometimes it is used to donate non-profit property and charity. An agreement of deed of gift helps to prove that the gift is being given as without any greed or compensation. A deed of gift as an agreement is consist of the following details

  • Name of Representative and donor
  • What is relation to the door
  • Donor Address
  • Cell or telephone no
  • Email
  • Date
  • Description of donated gifts
  • Donor Restrictions with no or yes option if yes, please explain
  • Donor’s property Sources with date

This agreement is available in a free printable sample, and format, you can easily download it for your requirements.

What is Method for Creating Deed of Gift

  • Write the deed as a title on a legal document.
  • Write the basic statement briefly relating the transfer of material to reporters.
  • Create a space in the document for the doner name and his contact information.
  • Deed of Gift availability in Different Sources.

Deed of the gift is a superfluous agreement that voluntarily hands over the valid ownership with physical ownership of property without any recompense from the receiver a person under the age of 18 years old can not give but only accept. You can see a gift deed sample, gift deed as a template, deed of gift in printable formats, and in a free gift template.

Deed of Gift in united states of America

The terms used for deeds of gift in the USA are gift agreement between individuals, inter vivos gift and deed of gift, etc.

A gift deed in the USA is a legal document that allows you to transfer ownership of property and sentimental values to relatives and close friends without any charge. 

In America, the following information is included in the gift of the deed.

  • The gift deed can be revoked whether or not.
  • Gift types are mandatory or non-mandatory
  • Doone information must be included, whether they are a charity and individual.
  • Doner information must be included. 
  • Agent information is included Revocation.

Do you want to be able to revoke this?

  • Yes
  • No

Gift Information

  • Monetary
  • Non-Monetary
  • Gift amount
  • Receipt Information

Who will be receiving a gift?


  • Individual
  •  Charity

Full NAME 

  •  City or Town
  •  State
  •  Doner info

Who is gifting?

  •  Name
  •  City or Town
  •  State

 Agent Info

  •  Name
  • City or Town
  •  State

The ground of Cancellation of Deed of Gift

The revocation of gifts also includes the flexibility of the cancellation of gift deeds. It can be canceled through three ways by mutual understanding agreement, in case of non-accepting gift and through rescissions. The donee can return the possession of the property to the door by reference act to transfer property of law According to the section of law a doner can agree to return of gift deed transaction by only mutual understanding between two parties or indicate the revocation of gifts also includes the flexibility of cancellation of gift deeds. It can be canceled through three ways by mutual understanding agreement, in case of non-accepting gift and through rescissions. A gift transaction can also be canceled if the donee signed the deed of gift agreement under the influence and force and other options for it as you can hire a lawyer who can help you in filing a case in the court.