15+ Free Utah Bill of Sale Templates (PDF & DOC)

A Utah bill of sale template is used as a legal document that contains the details of transferring ownership of an item. It is a legally binding document that has been made between the seller and buyer as proof of transaction. To make a smarter and better decision,  you can download a free bill of sale templates in Doc and PDF format that contains the details of the sold item and terms of purchase. In this article, you can find everything about the bill of sale that you want to know.

What is a bill of sale?

When a party sells an item to another person, then a document is signed by both parties that contain details of the sold item and other essential information about this trade. Bill of sale(BOS) serves as a proof of ownership transaction between the seller and buyer. The purpose of this document is to confirm the transfer of item ownership and work as proof of this trade. It is commonly used when the sale occurs, such as a car, boat, appliances, electronics, personal property, and other goods.

A detailed description of the sold items is included in BOS that helps the buyer to make a decision and the terms and conditions under which both parties are agreed on this contract. Usually, the bill of sale document is used during or after the product ownership transaction. In our collection, you can find well-designed bill of sale templates that are easy to use and available in different formats like Word, PDF, and other formats. These printable templates are available in a click. It is filled out by the seller in which the product description with shortcomings, terms of payments, sale price, and warranties about the product that the seller performs is included.

What to include in bill of sale 

A solid bill of sale document prevents you from legal issues; for that purpose, it is vital to include all the things that make it perfect. Below we share some essential components that must be included in the bill of sale document.

  1. The date when the buyer and seller sign the bill of sale
  2. Information of both parties in which the name, address, and other contact details are included. 
  3. Description of the sold items with terms and conditions. 
  4. Price of the items, payment procedure, and payment terms.
  5. Warranty details of the sold item that the seller performs. 
  6. Description of the lies and loans on the sold item.

The above things must be included in any BOS, but you can add more factors to make this contract reliable. The most important thing is that the bill of sale document is legally binding, which means that the court enforces it. If you don’t understand how to create a valid bill of sale contract, then you can see a sample bill of sale that helps you to understand it quickly and efficiently.

Bill of sale types

The Utah bill of sale is commonly used when the sale of an item or property has occurred. It is one of the essential documents that serve as proof of ownership transaction. Some widely used bill of sale are as follows:

  1. Utah bill of sale for motor vehicles: If you want to buy a car or other motor vehicle, you should ask the seller for a statement of sale document. It contains all the details about this vehicle, like purchasing date, insurance details, functions, and shortcomings. You can download a free Utah bill of sale template for cars and other vehicles in different formats like Word, PDF, and others that work for you. It is an important document that must be submitted to the department of motor vehicles (DMV).
  1. Utah bill of sale for personal property: A bill of sale is a document that is used when a party sells the property to others. It can be used for tangible(building, appliance, furniture, etc. ) and intangible(shares, bonds, etc.) things. It is used during or after this contract. You can get the general bill of sale template in a click that can be used for various purposes. 
  1. Utah bill of sale for boat: A Utah bill of sale for boats includes the essential information about the boat like model number, making year, purchasing date, selling price, HIN, and vessel description. It also contains the information about the buyer and seller with their contact details. To make your work easier, we share a list of the best well designed Uta bill of sale for boats.

How to write a bill of sale

The Bill of sale is used in a variety of ownership transactions. From this site, you can find the Bill of sale template for different items, which is free and available in all the formats that work for you. If you want to draft your own Bill of sale document, we share a few easy steps that help to complete your work in a few minutes.

Step1: Open Microsoft Word.

Step2: Click on the “Blank document.”

Step3: Select the font size, color to make a header of your document. Write the header of your paper.

Step4: Type the “Date” label and give some space next to it. The date is written by the seller when the sale has occurred.

Step5: Type the seller’s name and address next to the “Seller’s information” label.

Step6: Write the “Buyer’s name and address” “buyer’s information” label.

Step7: Write the details of the sold item.

Step8: Write the terms of payment with the price of the item.

Step9: Signature at the end of this document by both parties after taking off the print.

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