20+ Free General Ledger Templates (Excel, Google Docs)

We have dozens of free printable general ledger templates and example spreadsheets for you to download in PDF, Excel, and Google docs format. A general ledger is the record-keeping system of a company’s financial information with debit and credit card account details authenticated by a trial balance means a bookkeeping worksheet. The general ledger also provides a record of every bank transaction that happens during the progressing period of an operating company. It holds account information that biases the requirement of the company’s financial statements and all transaction data that is separated by type into accounts for assets, liabilities, owners, revenues, and all expenses.

Trial Balance

It is a term that is used in a general ledger template. It is a bookkeeping worksheet that is an essential aspect of the general ledger template in which the balance and correspondence are compiled into debit and credit accounts columns that are equal. Every company keeps and prepares a trial balance periodically at the end of every reporting time. The primary purpose of the trial balance is to make the endurance of all the entries in a company’s bookkeeping system mathematically accurate.

General Ledger Summary

A general ledger summary describes the set of all accounts that summarizes all transitions founding within an entity .it consists of all accounts currently being used in a chart of performance and is sorted by customer’s account number The individual level transitions or summary level postings from sublevel ledgers are listed within each account number and also sorted by transaction date wise. Each entry in general ledger template adds a reference number that explains the source of information.it becomes very easy to search information relating to inquiry in the general ledger, and it is the essential source of accounting information.

General Ledger Sample

The general ledger is a process in accounting in which entries from the daily public record are periodically transferred to logs accounts. It is the primary step of accounting in which business transactions are recorded in the daily register. Then they are posted to different respective ledger accounts in the general ledger. The book in which ledger accounts are kept is called the general ledger. For posting, public accounting can be divided into two parts: a debit part and a credit part. These parts consist of many accounts.

The amounts of debit part and credit part are written in debit part and credit part entries separately. In general ledger samples with the use of the software, the general entries are prepared first and then transferred through computer software. The computer software system automatically posts it to relating accounts in the general ledger sample, then the accuracy in terms of speed and accuracy increases. The public ledger is available in different formats. You can download it easily.

The Importance Of General Ledger Template

A general ledger sheet is important in any company, industry, and business. It helps to prepare all financial statements relating to all assets, liabilities. It also keeps the record of the date, particulars, reference number, and total amount. These above traits are the main key of any industry, company, and business.the general ledger templates also include the product name, customer name, voucher number of receipt delivered to a customer, and as well as remaining balance .without these ledger features a general record not be completed. These features have great importance for the general ledger template without its general ledger is incomplete.

General Ledger Template Excel Example

The general ledger template example is with details as it consists of assets cash. Accounts receivable inventory, investment lands, and equipment, liability accounts, including notes and payable, record, expenses due, and customs all deposits. All these mentioned categories are examples of a general ledger template.

General Ledger In Different Templates

General ledger template is available in different formats


It is engaged in doing business operations. It can not be denied the impedance of the MS word general ledger template. Whether your business is small or large, the use of it is an essential component of all accounting operations. It is available in the printable format used to sort and store balance sheets.


It is also needed for accounts of any business industry and companies in public and private sectors to manage billing statements in monthly payments of different suppliers and vendors. It is available in a lot of images in different kinds you can easily download for your needs to keep the record of your company forever.


It is also available in PDF format. It is a method to search financial records in a pre-designed spreadsheet. It also helps in keeping your accounts on the right track and becomes the base for preparing different financial accounts. It also helps in formulating financial statements as well as trial balances. It is available in different formats. You can easily download it for your desired purposes.

General Ledger in sheet Template

You can easily download the above mentioned different images of general ledger templates. All of them consist of the required information. All these are maintained by the accounts office, and all entries are collected by a general ledger. The general ledger is prepared for both the public and private sectors.

General Ledger in Printable Template

It is a general ledger template in printable format. It is also used in keeping a record that can be sorted with time in different images such as MS WORD, MS EXCEL, PDF, and google docs. It is used in weekly, monthly, and yearly records in printable form at the time of need. It recovers all desired verifying records. These templates are free and available in a format that you prefer.

General Ledger Accounting

It is a crucial accounting document that gives details of all the company’s accounting transactions. Its much information used by professionals. It is helpful for small business owners. They are briefly in categories such as assets. Liabilities, revenue, and owners’ expenses take easily financial benefits from its functioning. The accounts of the general ledger are stored in business. It is a record that is used to sort, store, and summarize a company’s transactions. It also gives details of record and accounting that is used in sorting out all income statements and balance sheets and commerce in general ledger accounts. These are different from investments, cash, lands, equipment, and printed representation of the letter. All arrangements are arranged in the accounts with the balance sheets accounts and income accounts statements.

 In short, a general ledger template is vital for each industry, company, and business.

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