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We have collected free printable livestock bill of sale forms and templates in PDF and Word format. A livestock bill of sale form template is generally a document that defines the transfer of ownership of any good from one person to another one. Whereas regarding the explanation of livestock, this document showcases the transactions and final details involving the sale and transfer of animals from one person to another. It also includes the details of livestock that are being transferred and the finer points of animal-like breeding, health, species, weight, cost and taxes, and other pertinent issues. Livestock bill of sale form is available in printable livestock bill form sale form Template and livestock bill of sale form in PDF & MSWord.

What is livestock?

The animals you find on farms collectively kept and raised to generate profit commercially are called livestock. In another sense, livestock is domesticated animals kept in an agricultural atmosphere to produce commodities, for example, food, fiber, and labor. Livestock is a component of old as well as the modern component of agriculture. It has been practiced for centuries all over the world.

Importance of Bill Of Sale Form

This document’ a bill of sale form is officially used to prove a satisfaction that the animal in question was surely transferred to a new owner. It contains the animal-related details. It also verifies the names of both the new and owner. It is also available in a blank bill of sale form. The document contains hard facts about the animal sale and purchase and is a useful reference for any suspected future disputes.

When a new owner wants to transfer it to a third party and that person may ask and has a right to produce the information relating to the original owner of the animal. This document can be a source to settle any disputes or argue out of place in a court case, it is also a proof of the issue of taxation in any state, or a country and taxes can be paid whenever any property changes ownership the contained information may also be used for taxation purposes at a later date.

Contents of Livestock Bill Of Sale Name and address of the seller 

The livestock bill of sale is different in scope and authority. It contains some universal contents.

Following is the detail you will review in all documents relating to it.

  • Date of sale 
  • Name and the address of the buyer
  • Livestock details
  • Number
  • Color
  • Species
  • Breed
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Vaccination
  • Condition
  • May be another piece of information


  • Deposit
  • Period of inspection
  • Date and signature of seller, buyer, and witness

Ways and steps of selling livestock privately

The livestock bill of sale form is a valuable contract document it can be implemented during the private sale of animal-like cattle, horses, sheep, and pigs when both the seller and buyer will come to any deal regarding the animal sale and purchase an agreement will be settled on the terms and the conditions of sale then sign after the transfer of livestock.

The steps for selling privately:


The first question to answer before selling is, “How much is the animal’s worth or price? If you are in a rush, then you may need to price the animal on the low end of the average selling range.

Some below facts that affect the price of animal included as:

  • Type of animal
  • Age
  • Breed
  • Weight
  • Class
  • Sex
  • Health status


To advertising is necessary for potential buyers, online advertising is the best option. Many reputable websites are specially designed for the sale and purchase of livestock.

The below are top one beings




Before meeting with a prospective customer, you should prepare an animal for sale, and certain animals are groomed and prepared before showing it to any customer. Any kind of paperwork that is related to an animal such as registration papers, medical reports and the copies of the bill of sale is necessary to show a customer


If livestock is well advertised and priced according to your home. And you receive a request from a possible buyer .then you invite him to designate time and place to show your livestock to the desired party, you indicate which animals for sale. If they are satisfied with the condition of an animal, then they will present an offer .as as seller best payment option are below:

  • Cash
  • Certified Cashier cheque
  • Reputable online payment service

Method of Draft a livestock Bill Of Sale

To draft a livestock bill of sale following information of both parties is mandatory for any sale and purchase of any animal. The following detail is compulsory for the livestock bill of the sale form template in a printable format to avoid any mishap.without it may cause bad consequences.

The necessary details to draft a livestock bill of sale is below:

  • Printed Name(Seller)
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Sale info
  • Date of Sale
  • Purchase price(numerically in pond or US dollar)
  • Livestock inventory
  • Number of animals being sold
  • Class(Animal)
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Weight
  • Brands
  • Sign on the agreement(Seller and Buyer)
  • Seller sign with a date
  • Byer sign with a date
  • Witness sign with a date

Use Of Livestock Bill Of Sale Form

It can be used any time by a seller to buyer.it includes the private sale, as well as auctions and livestock, includes many kinds of farm animals such as cattle, goats, chickens. The free livestock bill of sale form is varied and available to download.

This livestock bill of sale includes many farm animals like cattle, swine, sheep, goats, chicken, etc.

Livestock bill of sale form serves as a proof of sale and purchase and also indicates who, when, what and how the sale and purchase of animals?

Necessary details of the livestock bill sale form about an animal are below.

  • Selling date
  • Color
  • Kind
  • Brand
  • Weight
  • Health
  • Vaccinations period 
  • Final purchase
  • Deposit
  • Inspection period
  • Signature of the buyer, seller, and any witnesses

The of Dos and Don’ts Of Selling Livestock 

You are well aware of the livestock bill of the sale form template, and it is imperative to know how you will sell your livestock. For any sale and purchase of animal livestock bill of sale provides some dos and don’ts to save from any mistrust and dispute so that sale and purchase be made without any confusion.  

 A typical list of dos and don’ts is under as


  • Always be honest
  • Offer competitive price
  • Give accurate details about livestock.
  • Try to know your lowest bargain price.
  • Take good pictures 


  • Avoid exaggerated details in the advertisement.
  • Avoid sick and old animals
  • Set our low and high price
  • Forget to include the bill of sale
  • Forget to have livestock inspected by a veterinary doctor
  • And sell to the buyer, don’t have proper knowledge, space to keep livestock  

In short, Bill of sale form livestock, livestock bill of sale (BDS) livestock bill of sale template, free livestock bill of sale form and template are the different form and formats of the livestock bill These should be used according to the requirement in the world.we believe that you belong to anywhere in the world, will best use of livestock bill of sale form according to your requirement.

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