20+ Window Cleaning Contract Template & Forms (Word, PDF)

The window cleaning contract template is an agreement that is used when a client hires a contractor who is in the business of cleaning the windows of buildings. It is a well-formatted agreement form with terms and conditions. It is a ready-made file and very easy to use with content and can be customized to suit your needs better. It is also a simple contract for self-employed domestic, and other buildings window cleaner included work is an essential window cleaning with leathers and modern equipment. The main purpose is a disclaimer of liability for professional work of window cleaner.

It is the task of washing and shining windows of houses and offices. Its services include removal of particular type wreckage from your window.if the windows are covered in stickers, paints splatters, caulk, concrete, and stucco.

Way to write a cleaning contract

The contract in written form is an effective way to bind a professional relationship together. It should be appropriately drafted and never leave any room for doubt as to the exact obligation and the responsibilities of each party. The major issues, essentially involve how the owner would pay the cleaner.and also mentioned cleaning duties to complete cleaning and receive of his payment.

Basic information about the party.member. Terms and conditions, dispute resolving method areas that to be cleaned and signatures.

 Window cleaning contract in PDF and MSWord is just a legal binding, or a legal agreement that concerns cleaning services should be displayed in a cleaning contract. Terms and conditions are to be enforceable.contracts are generated to put agreed-upon responsibilities into written form. The contract is made between the client and the contractor.

If you are preparing for a cleaning business, the following points should be included in it.

  • Company Name
  • Complete detail about work
  • Cleaning work charges
  • Time estimation for cleaning work

Other miscellaneous information is included in the contract.

The cleaning contract is significant regarding customers skipping out from on the bill. It protects cleaner rights as a binding agreement between two parties. A party needs cleaning services, and another party provides cleansing services. The window cleaning contract consists of further details.

Title of window agreement

A title should be easy, simple understandable and describes concisely This will also help you and your clients to understand what type of agreement both of them getting into provided services.

Both parties should be able to describe the appropriate services needed by each other. There should be mentioned all the products and services you have to offer from your side in this way, the client will know what all (He/She) Gets from the learning company.

Decided Payment Amount

The payable amount must be rendered in agreement Appropriate. Compassion clauses are described and never be missed out. Make a note of all possible payment methods you are to accept.

Agreement specification

In the sense of agreement specification, try to write a professional agreement. A cleaning service agreement should be drafted appropriately and also settled. Mentioned details only depend on what has been agreed upon between the client and service provider.signature.

A well -written contract is the only key to professional communication and correspondence. The signature of both parties is the only step towards finalizing your window or house agreement. Both parties carefully read the mentioned information and all terms and conditions before signing on the agreement.

Window Cleaning Terms and Conditions

The window cleaning terms and conditions template should be used to create standard terms and conditions for a window cleaning business. This legal document includes many clauses relevant to both business customers and consumers. It can be adapted with a relative case to cover only one class of customer

Window cleaning terms and conditions briefly are below

  • Term: commencement of term and end of the term of the agreement.
  • Services: obligation to provide or meet services or help.compliance with reasonable customer requests.
  • Service appointment: late service appointments, rescheduling services appointments, cancellation of the service appointment.
  • Provider Personnel: assurance relating to personnel services
  • Customer Obligations: generally second party obligations
  • Customer promises: obligation of the second party concerning premises
  • Representatives: instructions given by second party representatives
  • Charges: Obligation to pay charges to contract workers.
  • Warranties: Both parties’ warranty authority. 
  • Customer indemnity: The customer has a right of it through an agreement

The second party indemnifies the first party upon breach.

  • Termination: termination without cause, termination upon non-payment.
  • Notices: constructal notices should be in writing.
  • Subcontracting: no subcontract without parties willingness.
  • General: variation in written and signed an entire agreement.
  • Interpretation: section headings not affecting performance and statutory references.

These days, weekly window cleaning contracts and monthly window cleaning contracts/ schedules and checklists are available to help you to clean your houses Now cleaning of daily, weekly, and monthly contracts are available for you, and cleaning has become so easier.

Monthly cleaning schedule example is super helpful for you, in schedule three is written what to clean during the month is below as

  • Dust blinds
  • Clean dishwasher
  • Washing machine
  • Empty vacuum cleaner
  • Clean vents
  • Clean dust lights

Printable cleaning contract

A printable cleaning contract is a proforma stating contract. It is also a deal signed by you and the constructor. This document contains the information of the client and contractor. This document also contains information regarding the time duration and amount to be paid.

 The outline or blueprint of printable cleaning contract is below as 


Client’s signature with date


Contractor’s signature with date


Client’s printed name


Contructer’s printed name


Client’s street address,city,street,Zip Code

Time duration_____________

Amount to be paid__________

Iin short,you can view,print and download freely.There are many contracts and agreements for home cleaning including window and house cleaning and house maintenance.

Free Service Cleaning Contract

The free service cleaning construct is also a part of a window cleaning contract that is performed by the contractor. It includes the following services.

Vacuuming of carpets, dusting and polishing of furniture; cleaning of wood floor.kitchen appliance bathtubs and shower stalls, toilet, sink: also remove trash from the interior trash contains and brought to the outdoor Dumpster.

Evey party may terminate this contract with a written note. If the contractor does not receive due payment is not paid, the agreement will terminate.

Any party may terminate the contract in the written notice by showing any written notice of termination on a specified date to another party with a piece of two-week information before the stated date of termination.

If there is a need for any litigation between client and contractor.it shall be filled and tried in the local contactor jurisdiction.

In the end, both parties sign after study minutely terms as mentioned above and conditions.

Applicable Law for both parties

This contract shall be governed of the state__________in_______country and any applicable law


Signature of the clients


Signature of the constructor

Cleaning Services contract

The cleaning services contract is entered into(construct created date )between(sender company) service provider and client’s company. collectively known as the “parties.”

In this kind of construct, the client seeks to obtain facility cleaning services from the service provider, and the service provider agrees. They are capable and willing to meet all requirements outlined in this construct.

Note: This template is designed to offer cleaning services on a flexible basis. This allows you to perform services as they are required in the bill of client and pricing table in the template.

The main critical points of cleaning services contract are below;

Services provided

  • Term(Start date and end date
  • Performance
  • Payments
  • Confidentiality
  • Return of property

Notices b/w clients and constructor

  • Indemnification
  • Modification of agreement
  • Time on the fixed period
  • Governing Law
  • Severability
  • Acceptance

After filling out these points, the cleaning services contract is completed and becomes applicable. 

Sample House cleansing Contract

A cleaning bid is a simple sheet that is used to offer a price for services. In contrast, a cleaning proposal is a well-presented composition of information related to your company, your experience, expertise, services, and your bid price for a sample house cleaning contract.

It is an agreement between a cleaning agency namely “A bright wash company Pvt”.and the employer of services Mr Robert. We at this moment agree to perform a cleaning at 65C Madison country road. New York on 5th July.2019.

The following details are included for the benefit of the participant in the cleaning agreement.

  • Cleaning time:9am to 4 pm.
  • Cleaner services will engage in the dining room, two-bedroom, and verandah space.
  • The number of workers.engaged in the cleaning operation:5
  • The worker will show their identity cards or copies of the contract operation.
  • Decided payment:70$
  • Mode of payment(amount of money will be given to head worker of after cleaning completing of a cleaning operation) 

The provided receipt must be carefully filled for future reference.

Thank you. We hope you will be satisfied with our efforts.

For more information contact on 33774577


Head of Shining Wash Pvt.Ltd

Of customerIn short, the window cleaning contract template is legally beneficial for both parties. A contract remains safe from any dishonesty and dispute between both parties. The contract ends easily on a fixed date.it also avoids the worker from their earning exploitation.

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