16+ Free Grant Proposal Templates

Do you know what a grant proposal is and how to write it? If you don’t have any ideas about it, don’t worry; in this article, we’ll provide useful information about grant proposals that helps you understand them easily. Basically, it is a document written by an organization or company to request funds.

To make a detailed, professional and clear grant proposal, you should download the free grant proposal template in PDF and DOC format. These templates are customizable and easy to use for any profit or non-profit organization. Usually, grant proposals are used for the non-profit organization, where you invite the funder to do some charity for a positive change. See below to find more things about the grant proposals. 

What is a grant proposal template and how does it work?

If you are trying to raise funds for your organization or company, then a well-designed grant proposal template helps you present it effectively. These templates are professionally designed to make an effective appeal for funds(grant) to a profit or non-profit organization. It is typically used by non-profit organizations when they need some money to complete a project successfully.

Before jumping to writing it, understand its essential elements to make great use of it.  Many organization or companies seems to request finance to complete their mission. It is difficult but not impossible to make a compelling proposal. You can stand out in the crowd with a winning proposal by using our fillable funding proposal templates. The grant proposal must include who you are, why you need funds, and how this program brings change to society. See the sample of the grant proposal to understand what things should be in the grant application that grabs the recipient’s attention. Below we share some useful points to know more about it.

Essential Elements of a Grant Proposal

Writing a grant proposal is crucial when you need funds for your organization to complete a project. In this way, a well-formatted grant proposal template helps you and your team define your issue properly. If your issue is valid, then the recipient release some amount to address your issues. The things that should be included in the funding proposal to make it effective are as follows: 

  • Sender’s information: Start your grant proposal by adding your information like full name, email address, phone number, and other contact details. 
  • Receiver’s Detail: Details of the person or organization to whom you send this letter. It must include the receiver’s full name, address, designation, and other contact details. 
  • State Purpose: Clearly defined your purpose for writing this proposal. Write it clearly and concisely, which is easily understandable. 
  • Give Background information: Include a piece of information that describes your project’s background. 
  • Project goals and objectives: Give a description of what you want to achieve using the funds you ask the recipient. 
  • Outline project budget: Estimate the cost of your project to meet the desired goal. Give your project’s budget detail to let the recipient know how much funds you need to complete this project. 

How to Write your Own Grant Proposal Using a Template

When you need financial support to accomplish your profit or non-profit project, then a compelling grant proposal helps you achieve your objective. Although preparing a grant proposal is not easy, you need a great focus on every little thing to achieve its purpose. Below we share a step-by-step guide to writing a winning fund proposal. 

Step#1: Prepare a cover letter: If you want to grab the receiver’s attention, then write a strong cover letter to communicate with the funder directly. It is the best way to establish a positive connection with the grantee.
Step#2: Start with a summary: Every successful proposal starts with a summary of your proposal. The project’s executive summary defines your business and strategy to achieve your project’s success and objective.
Step#3: Introduce your organization: Give a brief introduction to build a trusty relationship with your grantee. Provide essential information about your business like name, office address, contact details, and other necessary things that the grantee wants to know.
Step#4: Give a direct problem statement: Clearly state why you need to complete this project and how it brings a positive change in society.
Step#5: State your objective and goals: It is one of the most important parts of the grant proposal where you describe your objective and goals. Writing details about project outcomes help the grantee make a decision.
Step#6: Define methods and strategy: State the method and strategies you use to implement this project successfully.
Step#7:Outline project budget: Budgeting is most of the grant proposal that needs focus to explain. It would be best if you defined how the resources will be used to achieve the desired goal.

5 Tips to Write a Grant Proposal 

Every year, many organization seems to request funds to achieve their mission. But the success rate of grant proposals is very low; you need great hard work to make it successful. 

  • Try to use the cover letter to address the grantee directly in a less formal way. 
  • Make it simple, clear, concise, detailed, and professional. 
  • Review it before sending it to fix any errors if they occur. 
  • Make sure to include only relevant information.
  • Give some detail that shows your process and objective. 

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