18+ Free Cricket Score Sheet Templates

The cricket score sheet helps the scorekeeper to keep the record of runs and overs of cricket matches. It has especially a bowler section and a batsmen’s section. The detailed performance and the activities of both are recorded in it. The proper score sheet is a work of art that allows the reader to understand the flow and the ebb of a cricket match. For any professional cricket player and enthusiast, The cricket score sheet provides an accurate record of his performance.

How does the Score Sheet work?

There are a few steps regarding score sheet working. that is below’

  • Its first step is to look at different templates minutely and select one for a cricket match. By customizing options, you can get the desired format.
  • Now you feed the names of the team involved in the game. You can also download the desired template and easily add names manually.
  • If the template is ready, then download it freely. You can send the free cricket sheet to other organizers and the team involved. If it is a casual game you can print it and share it with other players in the game. 

 Scorekeeper Duties During Match

A professional scorekeeper must follow the below-mentioned duties.

  • He must have complete knowledge of the cricket game.
  • The score recording is a complex procedure and he must have an eye sharpener.
  • He continuously follows the umpire signals to record the bowler’s and batsmen’s activities
  • All the deliveries by the batsmen and the bowlers as recorded to be shown.
  • He honestly calculates the balls through and played by the bowlers and batsmen.
  • The process of recording in the score sheet starts as soon as the umpire call “play”.
  • It is the moral duty of scorekeepers to confirm their notes at the end of an interval.
  • He must award penalty runs(wide ball, no ball runs) to the deserving team.

Cricket Match Score Sheet Template

A cricket match score sheet template is a tool to record scores during a cricket match. The cricket match is played between two teams, consisting of 11 players each on an oval ground. The center part of the ground is called a cricket pitch. There are two ends in the cricket pitch, the bowler’s end, and the batsman’s end. The bowler throws a ball or Bowles from the bowler’s end and the batsman runs on a pitch after hitting the ball to score from the batsman’s end. During this activity of the bowler and batsman, the number of balls scored by the batsmen has been recorded in the cricket score sheet after 20 0r 50 overs. The rules of cricket are very difficult and complex to understand. The scorekeeper must keep an eagle eye on the umpire’s hints and instructions and then record the match activities very minutely.


Cricket Score Sheet__________________v/s____________________

                               Bating Team_______________________

      BATSMAN NAME             RUN SCORED                   HOW OUT   BOWLER      TOTAL








EXTRAZ                      WB         NB B LB TOTAL

BOWLER   1 2 3 4 5 6…………        BOWLER   1 2 3 4 5 6 …………….

Over    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 ……………


Cricket score sheet Basic Format

In a cricket score sheet template, there are different cricket score sheet templates and available on the internet Some e A common score sheet template of score sheet is common in the cricket score sheet templates. has two main sections, the bowler’s section, and the batsmen section. The batsmen section includes batsmen activities and the bowling section includes bowling section activities or records during the match. its other columns of maiden, wickets, etc.

Cricket Score Sheet in other formats

Cricket is the most popular game in the world. it is also played on national and international levels..if you are a cricket manager and run out of a cricket score sheet then you use the cricket score sheet in MSExcel.You can print it in a short time.

A cricket score sheet is an excel or PDF sheet of paper. It is used to record. Cricket innings .dots, over spelled, wicket, No balls, and wide balls.

It is a handful of tools to keep track record of scores for both teams. it can be used n each cricket match and tournament to record the scores of both teams in an organized and visible manner to determine the winner of the game. the cricket score sheets in excel are easy to customize in MS Excel and completely free to download.

One can make a cricket score sheet in excel from scratch. but it needs a lot amount of minutes. A professional can also be hired to get it and can be prepared with particular service charges. if you want to save the budget of a cricket club and your precious time, you should go ahead to download the printable cricket score sheet MS Excel template. when you use a cricket score sheet in MS Excel on a computer. it automatically calculates totals due to built-in excel formulas and formats.

If you are a professional cricket player and conduct tournaments on regular biases then you really need a proper crick score sheet in MS Word. it covers all details. It also comes in a cricket score sheet in PDf format..you can add details about right from batsmen bowlers,t total visitors, dots, innings score wickets total over spelted wides, and No and total score in both inning. The user can accumulate the complete result. The printable cricket score sheet can be very useful for big tournaments. you can download and print the score sheet easily.

Cricket Scorebook has many spaces for many details of play from batsmen to bowlers. Grab yourself in the mini collection you can also find a junior cricket scorebook,100 scorebooks, etc which will help you to keep a record of some memorable cricket matches.

Cricket score sheet for 6 overs is also used in a cricket game. The cricket score sheet for 6 overs is also used in the cricket game you can download it for the desired match. 

In short, if you are an organizer, the free cricket score sheet allows you to record every detail of the cricket game. it also informs who was leading in the game.

All well-designed templates can be customized to suit the tasks. whether it is a professional game or a casual game.

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