20+ Free Medical Receipt (Bill) Templates (Word | PDF)

A medical receipt template is used to issue the bill of medicines and medical services that are performed in medical authority. It contains the information of service that the patient received in the medical center with prices or when the medical center supplies the drugs to the patient. The job in a medical facility is stressful and challenging, but you make your work simpler and more comfortable by downloading free medical receipt templates in Word and PDF formats. These medical bill receipt templates are easily printable, and you can edit as needed. Below we share some important points about it that help to make it more effective.

What is Medical Receipt?

A medical receipt is a document that contains detailed information about the medicines a patient purchases and the service that he receives. Usually, a medical receipt is issued when the patient has paid the bill. The medical facility needs to keep a record of their services, supplies, and payments for inspection purposes. Still, it is also useful for the patient in tax reports or other future purposes. The services that a patient received in healthcare providers like ECG, x-rays, blood test, and others then he/she receives the hospital bill receipt  and pays it in return for these services.

You can write a clear medical invoice by downloading the medical bill receipt template to make a detailed bill and use it as a payment request to the patient. It includes the name of medical authorities with contact details and the name of the patient with other necessary information.  Sometimes people used fake medical receipts to claim health insurance to get paid for it. If you want to create an effective receipt that is provided after the payments of services or drugs, then you should download the hospital bill receipt template available in the Word, PDF and Excel formats, you can get it in your favorite format. Charges of every service and supplied drugs are mentioned next to it, and the total amount is placed under this document.

Things to include in medical receipt

A medical receipt is one of the essential documents that work as a proof of payment for the patient and helpful in the process of inspection and tax report. An effective medical receipt helps you to gain all the advantages of it, but you need to use a reliable receipt that includes all the essential information. Things that should be included in a medical receipt are as follows:

  1. The name of the patient, gender, and contact details.
  2. The name of a healthcare provider, address, contact number, logo, and other essential details.
  3. Description of the service that patients have at the medical center or price of each drug with a list of it that the supplier provides.
  4. The date of this financial transaction should be mentioned on it with month and year.
  5. Terms and conditions like return the drugs within ten days and the same policy for the exchange purpose.
  6. It should include the procedure of payment that used to pay the medical bill; it may be the cash, debit, or credit card.

How to write medical receipt

Sometimes it is hard to write a medical receipt when you don’t have any well designed or well-formatted receipt. It is easy to learn the format of hospital payment receipt and components of it by downloading the sample of medical receipt in a format that is best for you. Below we share some steps that help you to write it effectively.

Step1: Download the template in a format that is your favorite.

Step2: Write down the date in the date portion when the receipt is created.

Step3: Write the name of the medical authorities with contact number and address. 

Step4: Enter the name of the patient and other essential details.

Step5: Write the list of the drugs or services that are being received by the patient; after that, place the charges of every service next to it.

Step6: Write the total amount at the end of this document by summing all the charges or prices.

Step7: include the terms and conditions like a return or exchange policy.

Importance of medical receipt

In every business, it is vital to keep things in a written form, but when you sell something, the receipt of the payment made by the customer is very important. The medical bill has so many advantages; some of these are as follows:

  • It is used to keep the record of supplies and payments.
  • When you claim the health insurance, they ask for the medical receipt to submit it; hence it is important to keep it safe.
  • If you want to return or exchange the purchasing items, then you should have the receipt of these items; otherwise, you can’t do that.
  • It works as a proof document of receiving the medical service and payment of it. 
  • In the process of inspection, it works as a useful document.

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