16+ Free Restaurant Receipt Templates

A restaurant receipt template is used as proof of payment that customers have made in return for product or service. Download the restaurant’s receipts template in PDF and Word format, which is professionally designed and contains all the essential elements that make it effective. The itemized restaurant receipts contain a list of meals that customer purchases with its cost and other details about this transaction. The sample restaurant receipt template helps you to make a useful receipt for both restaurants and customers. See below to know everything about the restaurant receipt and get free templates for it.

Restaurants Receipts Template

Restaurants receipt is a document that is issued by the restaurant pay point when you made payment against the service or product. It serves as proof of payment for the customer and essential for the restaurant to record keeping. Restaurants keep a copy of the receipt used for various purposes and issue the original receipt to the customer that the customer used for returning, exchanging, and proof of payment. It contains the item you purchase, prices of the purchased item, total bill you pay, customer information, payment method, and other essential information about this purchase. If you are responsible for creating the best restaurant receipts, then download the free restaurant bill receipt templates from our site, which are available in Word and PDF format. You can also download it in google docs. Restaurants need to keep the record of every purchase to calculate the total revenue and sale to monitor the restaurant’s progress. It prevents the restaurant management and the customer from any disputes that may arise due to food or bill payment transactions.

Key Elements of Restaurant Receipt

A receipt is an essential document when a financial transaction is made between two parties. In business, receipts serve as proof of payment and supply of goods or services. These receipts are widely used in restaurants. The restaurant’s receipts give you all the benefits if it is well designed and contains essential information. The things that should be included in the restaurant receipt are as follows: 

  1. Customer’s name
  2. Restaurant’s name with a logo, phone number, address, and other contact information. 
  3. Receipt’s number
  4. The date when the order is placed, and payment is made. 
  5. List of the purchased item 
  6. The price of each item is placed next to the name of it. 
  7. The total amount of bill that the customer has paid. 
  8. Amount of tip that the customer gave to the waiter who brought the invoice. 
  9. Method of payment

The templates of restaurant bill receipts are customizable, which means that you can add more information in your template as your need.

Purpose of Restaurant Receipt 

The primary purpose of the restaurant receipt is to provide proof of payment document to the customer, but it is used for various purposes related to this transaction. Some basic reasons for using this receipt are as follows: 

  • Record keeping: In every business, it is essential to keep the financial transaction record to track and monitor the business’s progress. Restaurants keep a copy of the receipt as a record to use in the future. 
  • Exchanging and returning: When a customer picks the wrong item in the food parcel, then without a receipt, you can’t exchange or return the food.
  • Calculate the revenue: The amount of income that you get through the sale of goods or services is revenue. Usually, the revenue is calculated yearly for tax purposes; receipts’ collection helps you find out your sale and revenue. 
  • Budgeting: Your business future depends on the revenue that you received throughout the year. The information placed on the receipt helps you make important decisions about your expenditure and income.

How to issue the restaurant receipts? 

A receipt is issued to the customer when the payment is made in return for the service or products invoice. The restaurant where the payment point is computerized can issue the receipt digitally and make a print of it. Get the free restaurant receipts templates from our collection to use it digitally. The digital restaurant receipt saves your lots of time, effort, and money. The printable templates allow you to make a print of the restaurant receipt and issue it to the customer. The handwritten restaurant receipts are expensive and take your lots of time to create it.

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