18+ Free Cleaning Service Receipt Templates & Sample

The cleaning service receipt is provided by the service provider company or individual when the client has paid for the cleaning service. The cleaning service receipt template helps you to create an effective and detailed receipt. It works as a proof document for both parties that the payment of the cleaning service has been paid and also crucial for the tax purpose. To get all the advantages of it, we share a collection of free cleaning service receipt templates available in PDF, Word, and other formats that are best for you.

Cleaning Service Receipt

Nowadays, the receipt is commonly used as a proof of financial transactions that provide after the payments of purchasing goods or providing the service. Cleaning is a complicated and tedious business, but creating an effective cleaning service receipt does not have to be with our vast collection of cleaning receipts. A cleaning service invoice is provided by the service provider that includes detailed information about the service and dues of it. It is the best way to promote your business and provide billing to the client as a request for payment.

You can also see the cleaning service invoice templates in different formats that help you to make a useful invoice for your business. The invoices are sent when the client receives the product or service as payment request that includes what they provide, payment terms, payment fee after the due date, other details, but the receipt is sent when the client has paid for the purchasing item or service. It works as a proof document of financial transactions and helpful for the client to use it as proof of their expenses in a tax report.

Things to include in cleaning service receipt

The receipt is issued after the financial transaction that includes the information of payment and service. Below we share some essential things that must be included in the receipt:

  1. The name of the service provider with contact details like phone number and address.
  2. The name of the company and logo with the address.
  3. Information about the client like name, phone number, and address.
  4. Payment details, terms, procedure, and due date.
  5. Description About the service that is provided by the company( dusting, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming and so on)

If you want to prevent any payment issues, then you should include all the above things in the receipt. We share the free house cleaning invoice templates of it with all the essential components available in several format options.

Different types of cleaning service invoices

There are different types of invoices in accounting; some commonly used cleaning service invoices are as follows:

  • Standard invoice: A standard invoice is provided by the supplier to the client that includes the description of goods or services with a payment that you owe. Just downloaded the standard cleaning service invoice template that shows your business professionalism.
  • Hourly invoice: These types of cleaning service invoices are used when a client pays to the service provider based on time. It means the client paid the worker on the specific hourly rate. Sometimes people earn more on hourly wages then salary. Get started your work with ready-made cleaning service invoice templates.
  • Credit invoice: A credit invoice or credit memo is used when the due payment from the client is reduced due to some reasons. It is used when a client cancels the order and issues it to return the amount. Credit invoices for cleaning service templates make your work easier.
  • Prepayment invoice: Prepayment invoice is issued when the client provides advance payment for the cleaning service.

7 easy steps to write cleaning service receipt

Cleaning business is complicated and tedious work, but with well-designed templates, we make your job a little bit easier and simpler. You can understand it more effectively with a sample cleaning service receipt that is fillable and define every component of it.

Step1: Download the cleaning service receipt template in any format that is best for you.

Step2: Write the name of the service provider and contact details

Step3: You can edit this template to insert the logo of your company in it.

Step4: Write information about your client.

Step5: Cleaning service that your company provides with the rate of each.

Step6: Write the amount of payment that the client has paid with terms, procedures, and other details.

Step7: Send this receipt to the client when he has paid for the service.

Advantages of cleaning service receipt

Some significant advantages of cleaning service receipt are as follows:

  • Keep the record of financial transaction
  • Help the client to use it as proof of their expenses in the tax report
  • Work as proof of the payment that the client has paid
  • Shows the professionalism of your business
  • Best way to promote your business by using your company logo and name on it.