18+ Printable Bubble Map Templates – Free (Word,PDF)

A bubble map template is the best visual tool to understand complex things easily and efficiently. A bubble map should be clear and well designed by illustrating the main concept or idea in the central bubble and creating more bubbles that associate with it. The related bubbles are connected through lines. It is easy to work with ready-made templates; you can download free bubble map templates in Word, PDF, and all other formats which you prefer. In this article, you can find all the things that you want to know about bubble maps.

What is a Bubble Map?

A bubble map is used to describe an idea or concept visually in an organized format. It works as the main concept or idea is written in the central bubble, and the related things are written around the central bubble in circles. Lines show relationships between the bubbles. One bubble can be associated with one or more bubbles. It is the best way to organize or classify things in an easily understandable way, especially when you are sharing your work with others like office presentations, preparing reports, planning a project, analyzing stories, and other things.

You can browse our collection to get fresh and well-designed bubble map templates, these templates are editable that helps you to make diagrams as you need. It works as a helpful tool for the teacher when they need to clear concepts or ideas to their students. A bubble map is used when you have a single primary concept to classify, but when you have two main ideas and want to compare and contrast the elements, then the double bubble map is the best option for you. You can also see the double bubble thinking map in Word, PDF, and other formats.

When we use bubble map

Bubble map is a great tool to describe things visually. It is used in different fields of life to represent complex data using bubbles. If you want to create a perfect bubble map easily, then you should see our collection to find the best one. The bubble map is used for the following purposes:

  • When things are complex and difficult to understand, then the bubble map is used to organize the elements in an easily understandable way.
  • We used it to illustrate the central concept of a novel or story.
  • It is widely used in science because there are many related things to one idea or concept, then the bubble map is the best option to describe things in science.
  • Bubble map also used in schools to define a concept and their related things. For example, to describe the colors, the bubble in the center is color, and the associated bubbles will be red, black, green, and others.
  • For office presentations, it is a great tool that helps to describe your ideas efficiently.
  • It is also helpful for the planning of new projects.

How to make a bubble map

Sometimes it is difficult to map out bubble maps; you can download free printable bubble map templates in Word and other formats that you prefer. It is easy to map out with a sample bubble map; you can see it while making a bubble map. If you want to make your one, below we share some steps that help to create a useful map.

Step1: Open Microsoft Word.

Step2: Click on the Blank document. A blank document will be open on your screen.

Step3: Go to the “Insert” tab.

Step4: Click on the “Shapes.” Select the circle from the shape icons list.

Step5: Click in the center of the document where we want to map out the main idea, drag to draw the circle. You can resize it as your need.

Step6: Write down the main ideas in this circle.

Step7: Pick more circles to map out the related things of the main concept. Write down the things in these circles.

Step8: Select the straight line from the line segment of the shapes. Connect these circles that are associated with each other.

Step9: Save this document. Go to the “File” tab, select “save as” write the name of the file and save it. You can print it or use it in a Word file.

Benefits of Bubble Map

There are significant benefits of bubble maps. Some of these are as follows:

  • It is the best way to define all the things visually that are understandable by any person easily and quickly.
  • Bubble maps work as a great tool to display the association between things.
  • Classification is easily done in it.
  • Helpful to learning, analyzing, and retaining the information efficiently.
  • Work as a great tool at the school level to understand the main concept, its related things, and the relationship between them.

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