30+ Free Fundraiser Receipt Templates (PDF, Word)

The fundraiser receipt template is used by a nonprofit organization to issue a receipt to the company or individual who made some donations. It serves as a useful document for the donor to claim the tax deduction. Nonprofit organizations use the fundraiser receipt templates that are available in different formats like Word and PDF to acknowledge the donation received from the donor. If you want to create an effective donation receipt for your organization, then you should download the free printable receipt templates from our site available in every format that is perfect for you. In this article, you’ll find all the things you need to know about fundraising receipts.

What is a fundraiser receipt?

Nowadays, we have seen many fundraising campaigns to raise money for social work. Nonprofit organizations invited people by sending the donation request letter for charity contributions. A receipt that includes essential information about the charity is sent to an individual or company that has donated. It is a way to thank the donor with a few details about their donation. The nonprofit donation receipt is useful for tax purposes, which means the donor claims the tax deduction with this receipt. The management of the nonprofit organization is complicated, but with the ready-made templates, we make your work easier. You can download the fundraiser sale/receipt templates for the nonprofit organization from this site. It serves as a record of the charitable contribution of nonprofit organizations.

It includes the name of the donor, charity organization with contact details, description of the charity, and other essential information. These charitable donation receipt templates are perfect for every type of charity and available in different formats like Word, Excel, PDF, and others. Charity organizations send a thank you letter to the donor to show the gratitude and remind the donor for again donation but don’t ask money directly to say how their future gift will be helpful for others. It serves as a record of the charitable contribution of nonprofit organizations. It includes the name of the donor, charity organization with contact details, description of the charity, and other essential information.

A key component of fundraiser receipt

A receipt is useful if it includes all the essential information that completes the purpose of this receipt. If you want to create your ticket, then you should see the donation sample fundraiser receipt template that you can use to create an effective one.

  1. The name of the charity organization, address, phone number, and other contact details.
  2. Information about the donor like name and address.
  3. The date when the donor makes a donation.
  4. Description of the donation. If it is a financial donation, then the amount of donation money, if it is items or goods, then the details of it.
  5. A statement that shows the fundraising purpose.
  6. Name and signature who issue this receipt.

The above things are essential and must be included in every donation receipt. Browse our collection to get donation receipt templates for nonprofits, which include all the things to make it useful.

Importance of fundraiser receipt

Usually, charity organizations send the fundraiser receipt at the end of the year or start of the new year. Some donors ask to send the ticket from nonprofits organizations because of their lots of advantages. Some people don’t understand the importance of it. Below we share some points that help the reader to understand its significance. 

  • Donors need it to claim the tax deduction that is associated with the donation.
  • It is the best way to let the donor know that the donation he/she has made is received.
  • Donation receipts are also helpful for the organization to keep track of the contribution of people in an efficient manner.
  • Donors can track their financial transactions.
  • Use to remind the donor for again donation by sending it at the end of the year.
  • It is also helpful to improve the fundraising campaign.
  • If the donor wants to donate again, then the contact details mentioned on it help to do that.

How to write the fundraiser receipt

If you are responsible for sending a receipt to the donor, then you should know how to write it. You can also see the samples and examples of the fundraiser receipt template in PDF to write it effectively. Below we share a few steps to write an error-free receipt.

Step1: Download the receipt in your preferred format.

Step2: Write the charity organization name, address, and contact details. You can edit the charity receipt template as you need.

Step3: Write down the name of the donor and other details.

Step4: Details about donation like a type of contribution that the donor has made.

Sep5: Enter the date with month and year.

Step6: Signature of the manager or head of the organization.

Simple fundraising tips

Below we share some tips for effective fundraising.

  • Make a list of people in which write the name of those people that may donate.
  • Send a donation request letter to the listed people.
  • Set a goal that you think is achievable.
  • Develop a fundraising strategy to achieve your goal efficiently as soon as possible.
  • Form a team and assign responsibility to each team member.
  • Send a thank-you note when a to the with a donation receipt.

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