19+ Free Medical Certificate Templates

A medical certificate is a written statement from a physician or a medically qualified person who attests to the medical result of the medical examination of a patient. It is also a legal document signed and proved by a doctor that someone is healthy or not healthy to do a particular type of work.

Medical Certificate Template

A medical certificate template word and PDF is a legal document containing healthy and disability-related information. A doctor ought to abide by a moral obligation. He must state health-related information honestly and faithfully. A perfect medical certificate must be written legibly and uses medical terms shortly in it because an ordinary person may understand easily. A doctor must identify the examination date. It is a well-designed document in printed form with specific details for all patients.

It includes the following information.

  • Patient Name
  • Clinic/hospital Name
  • Physician Name
  • Date of Examination
  • Health Conditions
  • Written Report
  • Address
  • Doctor Signature

A free medical certificate template is also used to spell out that a person has gone through a medical examination for travel and sick leave. The discussing document serves as evidence or proof for a person’s healthy and unhealthy information and disqualifies it for a stated time. A medical might be needed for employees or students to present as proof of their unhealthy conditions. It is a legal official document issued by a private or government hospital to a person to prove his/her current medical condition. The doctor generates this document after the examination of an individual on behalf of the hospital. The Covid-19 medical certificate templates are also available. The doctors can advise the patients to use this kind of template for corona virus tests for COVID treatment.

Sample Of Medical Certificate Template

The following is a sample of a printable medical certificate template. You can download and take print to use it for purpose.


The undersigned Dr_____________________Dototor of medicine,Certify that the examination of Mr/Mrs______________________________Date of birth ______________Age___________ reveals no contradictions for participating in running competitions.

Medical certificate issued in (placce;___________________________________

Issued date___________________Doctors sign__________________________

                                                 Doctor’s stamp.

Medical Certificate Format

A medical certificate format is like a medical certificate letter following the medical certificate format. You can download medical sample letters easily for your requirement.

                                                 To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that ___________________(patient’s name ) of

________________(patient’s address) was examined in my clinic on _________________date with the following diagnosis______________________________________________



The patient requires ____________days to rest and heal.

Examined by Dr______________

Dr’s signature _______________

The different medical certificate word/Excel formats are available to use. These kinds can be downloaded easily.

Kinds Of Medical Certificate

When the people/students are absent from their duty and are not feeling well or suffer some illness, They need a valid document that proves they are correct. This is the situation when a medical certificate comes in handy. There are many kinds of medical certificates. Some of these are in PDF documents, too, and these are highly adaptable. Medical certificate templates for student’s absences are available. They can easily download them and use them.

The different kinds of medical certificate template are under as

  • Medical certificate for school template
  • Medical certificate template for sick leave
  • Medical certificate template for injury
  • Medical certificate template for leave Extension
  • Medical certificate template for pregnancy sickness
  • Medical certificate template for Absent
  • Primary medical certificate
  • Certificate for medical assessment
  • Leave medical certificates
  • Blank medical certificate
  • Certification for a medical examiner

Benefits Of Medical Certificate

A medical certificate sample has many benefits, including the facts about the illness and current conditions, chances of disease, and doctor’s name. An examined person, examination date of examination, nationality, name of the place, hospital status of a person, marital status of the person. The medical certificate template is an intelligent document that helps the individual, whether he’s fit or not, to do any work. A medical certificate for a job is also available. It is used to get a driving license applying for a visa, or before getting an insurance policy.

Impatience Of Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is a written document certified by a hospital and health care doctor, and it is used to verify the actual result of a medical examination. It is the patient’s only document that causes an excuse for absence either from work and assignment. It is a clinical, ethical, and legal responsibility. Of a doctor to verify the actual medical conditions and never compromise on fake illness, when it comes to a medical issue a medical certificate his/her patients, Through this medical certificate an employee can avail himself/herself avail medical leave up to six months based on the recommendation of a medical certificate that’s why it holds great importance.

Medical certificates are documentary proof; it explains that a particular patient was examined or diagnosed by a physician. It is considered as a report of his/her medical condition. There are various pre-formatted medical certificate templates online and offline samples. You may use and download the editable medical certificate template.

Usage Of Medical Certificate Template

Medical certificate templates are also referred to as doctor’s certificate templates. These are legal documents. They have a variety of uses and applications across the fields. They can be used in academic and employment areas. There are some uses and applications. The medical certificate templates are used academically in schools, colleges, and universities. In universities, If the reason for the absence is medically related, then students must submit a medical certificate once they can see and download the medical certificate template.

The editable medical certificate templates are available for your purposes. Download them easily.

Medical Certificate As a Legal Document

The medical certificate template is the legal document containing the health and disability-related information of a person. A complete medical certificate needs to be written legibly. A doctor must state a medical certificate honestly and faithfully. In all types of medical certificates, it is unlawful to facilitate false information neglectfully. The doctor must also give the certificate-related information to the person, his/her guardian, or representative to make certain information provided on the certificate correctly. The medical certificate is usually issued once; however, if missing or losing, the request may be made again for a duplicate certificate.

How to make a medical certificate template, Its methods are available. Through a technique, a different kind of medical certificate template can be created. A medical certificate needs investigation and responsibility. Medical certificates are essential when the case managers need to get help from these certificates to determine a person’s eligibility for benefits or supplementary benefits. A person must complete his/her medical certificate for financial assistance from work and income.

So the medical certificate template is provided for reference and guidance. Be careful in using it. If anything goes wrong, it will affect a lot, and its adverse consequences will have to face in the future.

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