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Patient Registration

The patient registration process is to be admitted to a hospital. In which patient name and his/her identity are enrolled/registered into the record of a hospital’s patients. The history of various services is also kept available by each patient, and all medical details are mentioned.


A patient is a person who needs to take proper treatment for any medical, surgical and psychological condition from a particular establishment. The patients are the people who have severe problems, and they need professional medical help from the medical staff. The following discussion is about his/her registration in a hospital.

Patient Registration Form Template

The patient registration form is used to register a patient for procedures offered at a medical facility patients registration form is needed to get admitted to a hospital. It is the first form that a patient needs. The Patient Registration Form template consists of all necessary patient and health-related information such as their name, date of birth, health history, family doctor, patent contact information.

A patient registration form template is used for two different purposes. First, it is used to collect information related to new patients. The second reason or purpose of using the form mentioned above is obtaining the required information to help computers perform accurately and safely in a computer-assisted surgery patient registration form is very important because at registration time at the hospital. A patient is always given his medical record and his necessary details. All these details are always kept as a record of future reference. Patient registration also gives the required information of the patient. It provides his insurance details to be sent to the proper service line in the hospital.

To register, a patient needs a new hospital patient enrollment form. The patient registration form template is required following information. 

  • Name of patient
  • Email Address
  • Sex
  • Date of Birth
  • Height (inches)
  • Weight(pounds)
  • Contact Number
  • Married Status
  • Address

Patient Registration Procedure in Hospital

Patient Registration is a process by which a patient name and identity is enrolled in the record of the hospital. It is kept track of various services that are availed by each patient. Its first step is to generate medical details of the patient, and all medical details of the patient are documented.

Registration Objectives of Patients

The registration of patients is done with the following objectives.

The collection of necessary details of patients to identity, contacts and demography.

The creation of a unique identification number for every patient

 Enter the patient’s name in the hospital system.

For further documenting process generate a record related to him/her 

The registration process is carried out smoothly, .likewise all objectives of registration are met.

The patient’s registration is done in the first step before any healthcare services to be provided to a patient. The registration of the patient is also done by asking to fill up the registration form in which the necessary details of the patient is required to needy patients in filling up the registration form.

The registration form is signed by the patient, or a thumb impression of the patient is taken.

The details of the patient from the registration form are entered into the registration module. There are available many examples of hospital registration forms.

The essential information from the patient is collected through the registration form.

  • Name of patient 
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of Guardian
  • Relationship with the patient
  • Home Address 
  • Contact Number 
  • Email Address
  • Occupation
  • Patient Health Insurance Details
  • Referred Doctor’s name 
  • Contacting Person name during emergency
  • Name of person
  • Relationship
  • Contact Number 

Confidentiality of Information

The collected information at the time of registration is the private information of the patient. It is our moral obligation that it must be kept confidential. It is the patient’s right. The provided information of the patient is used for only providing health care facilities. The presented data of the patient does not reveal to any person from the outside of the hospital. Access to the patient information may be given to the specific staff of the department. The confidentiality of patient information is an essential task in the hospital management system.

When a registration process is complete, any modification in the information not generally be done. The provided record of the patient registration details is saved and stored lifetime. The written record of the patient is stored for at least one year after a year it is discarded.

The Importance Of Registration Form

The registration of the patient is the first step. Whenever a patient needs the services of a medical centre and health care insurance agency. The form is presented in the printed document. The following reason is the importance of patient registration.

  • Acquire the patient’s general information
  • Patient medical information
  • Details of patient insurance information
  • Payment Expectation of patient
  • Authorization and consent
  • Promotion of seamless Billing process
  • Release of medical record
  • Medical Verification Aid

Benefits Of Patient Registration Form

It keeps vital information regarding prescribed medicines and insurance claims. Most patients forget their dose of medicines, and the patient registration can be used to keep a check on dosage. It helps to keep a record of all surgeries and medications so that the attending doctors can check them quickly. The patient registration form helps to determine whether a patient is responding to treatment or not. The hospital and health care provider keeps all patient information updated so that the best healthcare be extended to the patient. The patient families can also be communicated in case of emergencies.

Patient Registration Process

The four steps are to integrate pre-registration of the patient into your practice.

  • Design your pre-registration process
  • Develop a pre-registration form
  • Train and identify staff to serve as a new patient to serve 
  • Roll out the new process and gather feedback

Sample Patient Registration Form

It is known as a patient admission form in hospitals. It is to be filled up whenever a patient comes to a clinic and hospital to take medical treatment. It collects the following information about a patient.

  •  Patient Name
  • Age
  • Marital status
  • Gender 
  • Medical History
  • Previous Consultation

Patient’s data is used for recordkeeping and administrative use. Suppose the patient requires any prompt medical attention during an emergency. This form can be used /filled up by the patient’s relative, friend or guardian. The sample registration form is available in PDF and MSword.

New Patient Registration Form

The new patient registration form has to be filled up when a patient was not previously treated in that hospital. The patient has to provide exhaustive details about his/her condition, including the name of the Doctor treating, not whether a patient belongs to abroad or Armed Forces. When a child has to be admitted to a hospital, a particular new patient form must be filled in this regard.

The example of patient registration forms have many kinds of their name are below.

  • Medical patient registration form
  • Dental registration form
  • Patient access registration form
  • Standard patient registration form
  • International patient registration form
  • OPD registration form

The particular surgery patient registration form is also a kind of hospital registration form. It is used when surgery of a patient is necessary. It is also filled up before any surgery of the patient. Without it, Surgeons don’t take the risk of operation or surgery.

The online patient registration forms are also used for patients admitted to the hospital. All required information is entered through it. You can prefer to print out the form after full or partial completion. When you come to the hospital with your patient, bring its print. This form contains confidential information, and it is delivered to your Doctor through a secure internet connection.

The online registration form consists of the following information.

  • Name of Patient 
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Gender
  • Language 
  • Employment Status

The online existing patient registration form and online registration form are the same things.

In short, the patient registration form is a legally enforceable document that is useful for healthcare purposes, and it is the first step to generate revenue.

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