16+ Free Leave Application Form Templates

Leave application form templates are used to submit requests to take off from school, college, and organization. At your workplace, it is expected to apply for leave when you have a valid reason to not come to work. In this way, a well-formatted leave application form template allows you to make a request for a leave effectively. These templates are used by organizations, schools, colleges, and other institutes where you need approval to take off.

The leave application templates in our collection cover all the important segments required by any institute or organization to approve or reject a leave request. This article covers everything that you need to know to submit an effective application for vacation. 

What is a Leave Application Form?

Every organization has its own rules and regulations about employee leave or vacation; they expect to follow these rules to get approval for leave. They usually come with an application form that employees need to fill out and submit for a leave. Just like that, colleges or schools also used leave application forms provided to the students at their request. When there are no such forms, download them from our site to make your request compelling. Download leave applications for schools or organizations from our site, available in PDF, Word, and Excel formats. This application form is used for every reason to take off, like sick leave, study leave from work, maternity leave, and vacation requests. The leave application form or letter must contain valid reasons to take off, the number of days for which you want to take off, and an effective plan to manage your work or study. 

When Do We Need a Leave Application Form?

An application form is filled out by an individual who wants to take off from study and work. When you have a valid reason to take off, then there are high chances to accept your application. The organization or institute has the authority to accept or reject your leave request; it is essential to write the leave application according to their policies. There are a few reasons why you need to send a leave request. 

  • Personal illness or injury: When you suffer from an injury or illness, submit a sick leave to take off your work or study. Some areas need verification of your illness; then, a doctor’s note works as proof that you are actually ill and unable to work. To avoid any legal issues, know the company or institute leave policy, then submit a request using our well-designed simple leave application form template. 
  • Vacation request: Every employee wants to take off from work to get rid of stressful work for some period of time. In this way, a vacation request using our templates helps you to get approval fast. 
  • Study leave: An application form is a request to submit a request when you want to be absent from work for study purposes. Some employees continue their work and studies together; they are eligible to take off when they have exams. 
  • Family emergency: In case of any family emergency, you are eligible to take off from your work or study by submitting an application to leave to the authorities of your institutes and organization. Understand the terms and conditions to take off for a family emergency, and follow all the rules to get approval for your application. 

How to Use Leave Application Form Template

In our collection, you can find dozens of leave application form templates that are easy to use and allow you to edit as you prefer. An individual who wants to get off from study or work should know how to fill out the leave request form according to the policy. Then, follow the below-mentioned steps to make your request compelling. 

Step1: Understand policy: First of all, you need to understand your institute or organization’s policy to take off. It helps you to make your requisition according to these rules for a fast response. 

Step2: Get a template: Download a template from our site which is according to your needs. These printable templates allow you to make any changes that make them perfect for you.  

Step3: Add your information: If you are a student or employee, put your personal information that helps the receiver to know who you are. 

Step4: Receiver’s details: Get information on who has the authority to approve your leave request and where to send it. Put the receiver’s full name, designation, department detail, address, and other contact details. 

Step5: Put the reason to leave: You need to put a valid reason to take off acceptable by the authority. 

Step6: Days off: How many days do you want to leave, put the details with the date. 

Step7: Attach supporting documents: Some organizations or institutes need proof of documents verifying your reason to take off. If you are applying for sick leave, they ask you to submit a doctor verification letter. 

Step8: Additional things: Put a piece of information showing how you will cover your work or study on the days you want to take off

Tips to Make your Leave Application Effective

Writing an application for your leave from work or study is necessary to inform the authorities and get approval. For that purpose, you need to meet all the requirements to make your application complete. Adopt the following tips to submit an effective leave request. 

  • Understand all the rules and regulations of your company’s vacation policy to make your leave application according to this. 
  • Give a plan that explains how you’ll manage your work or study when the leave is over.
  • Provide some supporting documents that make your request valid to get approval. 
  • Submit the request to the right person who has the right to approve it. 

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