17+ Free Training Feedback Form Templates

Training feedback form templates are used by the training manager to get feedback on a given training session to identify whether you achieve the training objective or not. It’s a standard to know the trainee’s opinion about the training program to know its effectiveness. Make your work easier and download free training feedback form templates from our site in PDF and DOC format that allows you to get useful feedback from trainees. See below to learn how to write effective training feedback and what the benefits are to performing it. 

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What is a Training Feedback Form?

In the training evaluation process, a form is used to get comments on the quality of this training session. It is an essential to step that needs to be followed to know whether you achieve the training goal or not. It would be best to collect the feedback at the end of the training program, but you can get it during the program to know its effectiveness. When you get training feedback in the middle of the training session, it helps you compare it with your set goal to know your direction. The feedback form must contain the trainee’s full name, trainer information, details about a training session, some questions to get feedback, and other essential elements that make this form effective.

It is a standard way to improve your training program and get ideas to improve its quality. Visit our gallery to see the training evaluation form samples to know what makes a training session productive. These training feedback form templates are used in organizations when they deliver training to the new hires or existing employees; it is also useful when a course ends in an institute, and the training manager wants to collect the trainee’s response. 

Key Elements of Training Feedback Form 

If you have a responsibility to conduct a training program, it is essential to get the participant’s feedback using a form. Forms are the best way to gather information; these are easy to use and give precise information in a few minutes. In this way, using a training feedback form also gives you lots of benefits if you understand its elements. See below to learn what type of elements must be a part of the feedback form. 

  • It should include the trainee’s full name, ID, position, department, and contact information. 
  • Some details about the training program like title, place, schedule, and other information define this training session type. 
  • The trainer’s name. 
  • A set of close-ended questions to answer from the trainees to know whether you achieve your training objective or not. 
  • A section for suggestions of trainees to make the training program more effective. 
  • Signature of both trainer and trainees to make this feedback form complete. 

Benefits of Using Training Feedback Form

Training feedback at the end of the training session is essential to measure its effectiveness. It can be done by providing a training feedback form to the trainees to get their review of this training program. For that purpose, you can get a free training evaluation to make things better regarding training sessions. See below to measure the benefits of training evaluation. 

  • Ensure to meet training goals: The primary purpose of the training program is to transfer knowledge and skill to the trainees. In this way, a feedback form is the best way to know whether you have achieved your desired goal or not. To measure the effectiveness of the training program, you need to get participants’ comments by using training feedback templates. 
  • Identify the area of improvement: It is the best way to find the area where the trainer needs to focus on improving the training session. By using the feedback form, you can easily measure where improvement is required for better results. 
  • Motivate the trainees: When training managers ask the trainees for feedback regularly, it increases their engagement and interest, leading to making this program successful.

How to Collect Useful Training Feedback

When you come to collect feedback from the trainees, a feedback form template for training helps you to gather information regarding training effectiveness. For that purpose, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps to make this process effective. 

  • Keep it short and simple: The form you provide to collect feedback should be easily understandable by the trainees. You need to keep it short and simple to measure the effectiveness of your training program easily. 
  • Ask relevant questions: Make sure to add a set of close-ended questions relevant to the training program. The questions should be well formatted, concise, and relevant. 
  • Allow giving suggestions: Ask the trainees for suggestions to make the training program more effective. It helps you to know what you need to add or remove for a successful training session. 
  • Collect it regularly: It would be best if you ask the trainees to submit the feedback at the end of the day; it helps you make things better daily and know the trainee’s interest to make the entire process successful. 

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