22+ Simple Proforma Invoice Templates (PDF, Word)

In business, proforma invoice templates are used to notify the client about payment and product before the final transaction. It is a way to eliminate any confusion that may occur at the transaction between supplier and client. To get all the advantages of proforma invoices, download free professionally designed proforma invoice templates in Word, PDF, and Excel formats to make your transaction successful.

It is a preliminary bill containing information about goods or services with their price sent to the client before the actual transaction is completed. The proforma invoice is the best way to know whether both seller or buyer are on the same page or not. In this article, you’ll know what a pro forma invoice is, how to create the pro forma invoice, and what essential things should be part of this invoice to make it useful. 

What is Proforma Invoice?

A Pro forma invoice is like a draft invoice that the business leader issues for the committed client to let him know about product quality and payment procedure before the final transaction. It is the best way to be sure for the seller about payment and buyer about the product quality and price. The pro forma invoice helps the buyer to know about the final price before the transaction is finalized. This invoice is very similar to the sale quote, where the supplier outlines the product quality and price before the service completion or delivery of the product.

It is a crucial step that sets the direction of your transaction. The pro forma invoice is not a legal invoice; it is an advance invoice to convey information about this transaction to know whether both seller or buyer are on the same page or not. The proforma invoice gives time to manage the advance payment for your product or service. It lets the client know what to expect from this transaction. Get simple pro forma invoice templates in your favorite format to make your transaction better. See below to know the proforma invoice elements and learn how to use its templates. 

Key Elements of Proforma Invoice

As discussed above, the proforma invoice is not a standard invoice; it is an estimation sent to the client to know what they expect. It is just like approval from the customer to eliminate any confusion about this transaction. In addition, this proforma invoice gives you a way to let the client know how much time is required to complete this transaction, estimated cost, and details about services or products that are being delivered. Here we share key elements of the proforma invoices that must be part of it to succeed in this transaction. 

  • The sender’s information like full name, designation in the company, address, and contact details. 
  • The client’s name, address, and contact details. 
  • It should include the business’ name, logo, office address, email address, and other contact details. 
  • List of services or products that are going to be delivered.
  • Each item or service price in the transaction.
  • The total amount of payment is estimated to render the service or deliver the products. 
  • Terms and conditions under which both seller and buyer agree to make this deal. 

You can see the example of a proforma invoice to understand it more. Then, to use our templates, you can make any changes to make the invoice as you need. 

Why Do Businesses Need a Proforma Invoice?

In business, a pro forma invoice is an essential document used to confirm your transaction with a client. Business leaders use it to know the client’s expectations and provide details about the delivery. See below to understand the importance of the proforma invoice. 

  • Notify clients about service or product: Before delivering your product or rendering the service, it is essential to let the client know about the quality of your product or service. A Pro forma invoice is the best way to convey information about your offered product. 
  • Eliminate confusion about payment: Lack of communication between seller and buyer is the big reason for a transaction failure. An advance invoice gives you a way to specify the cost of a product or service to the client. Information about the payment terms and methods enable the client to manage their finance accordingly. 
  • Finalize the transaction: If you want to know whether the ongoing project is according to the client’s expectation or not, then an invoice before the project completion helps you to find it to make your transaction final. 
  • When item may damage: To make a successful transaction, you need to inform the client about your transaction process to meet their expectations. If there are any problems before delivering the product, such as stolen or damaged items, then a preliminary invoice helps you let the client know about the transaction process. 

How Do you Write a Proforma Invoice Using a Template 

If you are planning to write a proforma invoice, then follow the below-mentioned steps to make it effective. 

Step#1: Visit our gallery to find your favorite proforma invoice template in Excel, Word, PDF, and other formats that you prefer.

Step#2: Edit the template to add your business information like name, logo, and other details. 

Step#3: State the sender’s details like full name, address, designation in the company, email address, and other essential information. 

Step#4: List all services to render or products to deliver with their prices. 

Step#5: Sum up all the charges, fees, and product costs to make a total amount that the client will pay. 

Step#6: Clearly state all the terms and conditions under which both parties, supplier, and client, agree to make this transaction. Don’t forget to add a payment method, payment deadline, and shipping cost. 

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