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A missing person/wanted person is defined as any person whose whereabouts is unknown, whatever the circumstances, disappear. He will be considered a missing person until he is located and his/her well being or otherwise established.

It is also defined as a missing person as a person absent from his/her accustomed network of social and personal relationships to the extent that the people within that network.

Categories of missing persons

There are three categories of missing persons. Their short explanations are given below.

Lost Person

This is a temporarily disoriented person and would wish to be founded—for example, someone who has gone walking and doesn’t know where they are.

Voluntarily Gone Missing Person

A person who has control over this action and is decided upon a course of action, for example, wishes to leave home and commit suicide.

Missing Person By A Third Party

This is someone who has gone missing against his will—for example, abduction or murder victim.

Need Of Poster

A missing person poster, also called a wanted poster, is used to find /search for a person that has been lost due to many reasons. It consists of all the essential details about the lost person that creates the poster. For the missing person’s age, contact details, and personal identification, and relevant details. These posters are most beneficial in searching for children and missing persons.

Missing Person Template

The missing person template highlights the issue and helps you sort someone in real life. It conveys the message to the mass populace and can show them an accurate picture of the missing person. It also lets people know about the rewards and similarly other related things, making it easier for relatives and friends to find their loved ones. The missing person poster is at this moment offered at our online source in ready-made form. It can be downloaded from an online source. The search for a missing person is something of great value for everyone. This is the thing that can bring a missing person to bring back. Finding the beloved ones getting back home is a matter of peace for everyone missing his/her loved one. Here are also other things that are used to search for a missing person. Sometimes even a minor, something like a poster, gets the job done comprehensively. The people go missing for various reasons. It is a time of anxiety for every family member.

A missing person poster template includes the following information about a missing person when he/she was being missed. Missing person’s mental or health condition and family contact details of his family. A current picture of a missing person and also some essential facts about missing persons: a missing person poster must be simple but contain complete information about the missing person.

Information to Identify Missing Person

The following is the complete information to identify a missing person. It is used through a poster template and an online missing person reporting system. Through this comprehensive information, the chances of finding a missing person are increased.

Personal Information

Name,Personal identity.code,address and telephone number 


Age,height ,weight,hair color,length,style,eye color and glasses

Special Identification Marks

Prosthesis, hearing aid, missing limb, disability, and a limp


Cloth type,brand name,footwear ,bag,and briefcase

Means Of transport

Walking, Color, and model of bike, registration number, and additional details of the vehicle.

These are the main missing marks/ signs that help in searching for a missing person.

Importance Of Missing Person Poster Format

A missing person poster format has great importance; it is used to find a missed person. Finding a missing person is a time of tension not only for the family member but also for the searching team. The exploring team investigating the case or the attached people of missing persons can strengthen their search efforts. Designing a missing person poster template is a simple process. First, open MS Word, place the disappeared person’s current picture, customize the list of facts about a missing person, then take a print, and everything has been done. Place the poster on walls and towers also everywhere. You want to search for the missing person.

Missing Person Poster

The posters are an effective way of creating awareness. It can be used for various purposes. They may be used for multiple purposes. Their use of a particular event or reporting a missing person case is essential. The poster helps increase the search area as more and more people become part of it. When a person goes away, it is seen the police and other concerning departments make an effort on their part to recover the missing person. In this critical situation, the family, relatives, and friends can not sit idle; they also try to spread the news as much as they can to create further awareness.

All one has to do is add the information about the missing person on the poster. With or without the photo and display it all around the city. Electronic media plays a vital role in highlighting a disappeared person, and the people may know about the missing person. The Microsoft Word missing portal template is also available to search for the missing person.

A poster includes the following essential components.

  • It highlights the title of the poster.
  • It is visible from a distance and can attract people.
  • A sign should contain a clear photograph of a missing person so that people can get a clear understanding and identify the person quickly. 
  • A character must have a complete section that may describe the personality of the person. It may include the missing person’s Color, age, and height, etc
  • There should also be mentioned complete information and the address.    

Reporting About the Missing Person

Before filing a missing person reporting template, make sure that a person is not staying with friends or relatives if the person has gone out before checking the places where he/she was found and checking the local hospitals and health centers. If you suspect that a missing person has become the victim of crime despite primary research, it remains a missing file. A missing official report at local police stations also brings a recent photograph. The police will need it to search for the missing person if they find or return home himself/herself. The police must be informed of this immediately.

There is another way to file a report about a missing person. In almost every country globally, online reporting systems are working under the law and enforcement department. An essay about a missing person can also be filed through this online reporting system. There is the missing person reporting apps for the help of searching the disappeared persons.

In short, the missing person template is most beneficial to search for a missing person.

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