15+ Free Rent Payment Tracker Templates

The payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord or an owner for the occupation of land for buildings, or another property is called rent collection.

Rent Collection Spreadsheet

A rent collection spreadsheet is a simple document that allows you to enter all the payments you need to make for your rent for the coming months. It is a perfect rent pay record tool to help you to organize payment records. This document ensures that you always have the right amount of money in your account, and you are never late for a payment. It is a complete history of rent collection. The rent collection spreadsheet gives an example of what to fill out next. You only have to list the names of tenets, addresses, the landlord’s identity.

Rent Collection Spreadsheet Template 

A rent collection spreadsheet template is for property owners and business people. It is used to keep up the accurate record and is essential for remaining aware of the rents and to avoid legal troubles. This rent collection sheet saves time and effort and can enable you to meet state rules and regulations about renter practice and get your rental income on time. This template is helpful in the administration procedure and maintains a good relationship with your tenants.

A rent collection spreadsheet used to document payments made by tenants to his/her landlord. It keeps track of both incoming payments and any bounced check or late payments.

It is worth remembering that a spreadsheet is the only proof of payments for those who pay in cash. According to a report, twenty-seven percent of the United States citizens are renting homes. It is also estimated from the same source that up to forty-three percent of non-homeowners are unable to afford their own homes.thats why they need rental properties. If you are presently a tenant or landlord, then it is vital to get to now rent spreadsheets more than ever.

The element of Rent SpreadSheet template  

Rent collection sheets include some aspects of it.

  • Rent Payer’s Name 
  • Recipient’s Name
  • Rental Payment Amount
  • Issued Date
  • Contact Number 
  • Address
  • Recipient Number

Importance Of Rent Collection Spreadsheet

In some states, tenants require the landlord to provide a rent collection spreadsheet in excel. Apart from keeping all financial information organized, a rent spreadsheet serves as proof of the tenants have paid and which one has not paid rent. It is very beneficial for tenants, too. When a landlord or owner of the property provides this document to his tenant, each time he pays rent, This document provides information that he has consistently spent all his rent. Suppose the landlord claims that the tenant has not yet paid his rent for a specific month, then quickly paid or unpaid information can be collected from the rent collection spreadsheet in minutes.

If a landlord sues his tenants for nonpayment, later he can prove through it or showing the rent spreadsheet in court. This document also indicates that when a tenant has paid rent, which protects him if the owner of the property wants to charge a fee for late rental payment.

Included Information On Rent Spreadsheet

When a landlord or a property owner receives a payment from a tenant in a rent payment spreadsheet, especially when a tenant made a cash payment, the landlord also must provide a rental recipient. This can come in form handwritten statements or more official documents torn out from the rental spreadsheet. If you want to make your rent spreadsheet template, it should contain the following information.

  • Your Contact Information
  • Tennant’s name which is paying the payment
  • Tenant paid a total amount
  • Location of a rented property.
  • Rental period covered by a payment/
  • Payment Method 
  • The tenant submitted payment date

This way, the landlord and tenant can keep records of the rental payments, ensuring that everyone can make payments. There should also be a section where you can write a late fee rent and other penalties that a tenant has to pay.

Rent Spreadsheet Schedule

 A rent spreadsheet in excel is a great way to track the amount of rent owned throughout the rental. What has been paid is crucial for making sure tenants have paid and helps to quickly reference any payments being disputed at any point with the faculty to display both total rent dues and outstanding balance.

The rent spreadsheet makes it easy for landlords to see their expected income, plan, and budget. The landlords and renting agents find the rent payment schedule spreadsheet a useful tool. It enables them to keep track of what they have paid and also facilitates effective budgeting. You can download rent payment spreadsheets in excel for your requirement.

A rent payment schedule is designed to be as user friendly as possible. A rent spreadsheet is intended to be printed on A4 paper size.

It includes the following elements.

  • Tenancy term
  • Rent to be paid
  • Rent
  • Deposit
  • Rent paid date
  • Property information

House Rent Spreadsheet Format

House rent is a slip like rent receipt spreadsheet which functions as an invoice by the landlord to the tenant when rent is paid This slip contains information about the landlord and the tenant, rented property.amount of rent, rent paid to date, mode of payment of rent and signature of tenants and landlord. This slip serves as proof. The only thing we have to follow is to provide accurate information on it.   

Several essential points make the slip more appealing and different from other online spreadsheets. The house rent spreadsheet template is provided in MSWord, which is very easy to use. It drives more options to design. This increases the value of work and enables the reader to understand the information quickly.

Rent roll document is like a rent spreadsheet that is used to manage rental property. This document comes in handy when you need to track details about all your tenets and other relevant information. A rent roll is known as a rent register, which can be prepared quickly. These kinds of rent roll sheets are generated in MSWord and MSExcel.

The people consider it a complete portfolio of rental properties.

A designed and carefully prepared rent roll sheet includes the following information.

  • Name Of Tenant
  • Expiry Date of Rental Agreement  
  • Property Description
  • Rental Payment Status 
  • Contacts Details

This document also helps a landlord or a property manager to get paid in a timely manner. To stay in touch with tenants in time of needs, you can register a rental roll spreadsheet in MSWord and MSExcel from scratch using your excel expertise. 

A free rent collection spreadsheet template also contains prewritten formulas that will aggregate all the information for you. You can use it many times when you need it.

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