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Hand and Foot Card Game

Hand and foot are a card game, where every player has two sets of cards the first deal that is made during the game is called hand and second deal is called the foot. During this game, no player can play foot deal beforehand. There are four people in a familiar hand and foot game. They play as two teams against each other. For example, if you have six friends, you can play this game as a three partner. In each team.

Any number of people from two to six can play. They use one more deck of cards than the number of players, including jokers. Four or six can play as partners, with two-three or five. Even every player must play by themselves.

Hand and Foot Score Sheet Template

This game is known as the North American Card game because it originated from somewhere in the North. This game is related to Canasta, which has no rule and regulation. A hand and foot game score sheet template is a card game in which the hand is the first stack of the card and foot is the second stack of the card that a player has both are set in the table. A score is generated when a player has all his/her cards in the table and loses if a card has to return him/her. During this game, in each round, a card has its corresponding points. The judges use a scorecard template. They will not face trouble in each player scoring.

Every card has its value that is below to review. 

  • Jokers-50 points each
  • Two and Aces-20 points each
  • Eight Through king-10 points each
  • Four Through seven -5 points each
  • Blocks Threes-100 points each
  • Red Threes- 500 points each

In each deal, there is a minimum demand for a total value of the cards making up the first book put down by each partnership.

              Round 1-50 points

              Round 2-90 points

              Round3- 120 points

              Round 4- 150 points

There is also the chance of following bonus points. Both team score points for any complete piles they have made.

             Each complete “clean piles” piles of 7 cards-500 points

             Each complete “Dirty” piles of 7 cards -300 points

             Each complete “wild” piles of 7 cards -1500 points

The hand and foot game has numerous variations and doesn’t have standard rules. The conditions are set for a specific hand a foot game on the basis for each scoring round, and by card. counting the winner of each round is set. The format and the layout for each score sheet depend on the number of the players and rules assigned for this game.

Sample Hand and Foot Score Sheet

Name              Chapter                                 Name                   Chapter

1_______ ___________ ___________ _____________

2_________ ____________ _____________ _____________

90% Meld 90% Meld

  • Bascic_______ Basic___________
  • Books______ Books_____________
  • Total_________ Totle_______________
  • 120% Meld 120% Meld
  • Basic_________ Basic_________
  • Books_________ Books________
  • Total__________ Total___________
  • 105% Mld 150% Meld
  • Basic_________ Bsic________
  • Books__________ Books________
  • Ttotal___________ Total__________
  •  Grand Total_________ Grand Total_________

The images of the hand and foot score sheet template PDF are available. You can download it easily for your requirement.

Rule and Regulation Of Hand And Foot Game

This card game is fun to spend time with your family and friends. It is a game of play to win, just like the score sheet of a basketball game where you have to write. The score of each player on a score sheet and you can sum the score of each half time and up the end than have to see who got the highest score, and the foot score sheet is here to help you out for keeping score during this card game.There is no particular rule and regulations for playing hand and foot game. When you need to create a scoresheet accordingly. Define the value of each card first include joker that has fifty (50) points then aces and 2s that have 20 points each and then king and queen having 10,9 and 8, and each has 10 points. If any player gets all 3 number black cards, then 10 points will be deducted from his score. The key purpose of his game is to meld, and it happens during various rounds that are first-round ends on fifty(50) points. Meld second round ends with fifty(50) points meld, and second-round will end with( 90) points and third-round ends with 120 points, the fourth and fifth means final round ends with 150 points.

Printable Rules for hand and Foot card Game

The hand and foot card game is a favourite game in the United States Of America at the domestic level. There is an element of strategy. There involved a touch of luck and a lot of cards. The goal of hand and foot is to win the points by creating bools of cards. The player who first gets rid of their first cards is the winner of that round. Each player deals of two sets of cards, the hand which is played first and the foot which is played during the hand has been used up.

The printable rules for hand and foot card games are available for your demand. You can download it.

Hand and Foot Canasta Score Sheet

Canasta is the card game. It is popular in South America and also some other parts of the United States. If you need a device to print and record the points achieved by each player. A Canasta score sheet template is used for choosing the points of each team. It is a tool where you can look into a score based on the melds that they have in their hands and bonuses earned in the game. The hand and foot canasta score sheet MSWord and MSExcel are available. You can download its images for your use.

The different templates of the canasta score sheet are canasta score sheet PDF, canasta scorepads. Ponytail canasta score sheets etc. are available for your demand.

In short, hand and foot is a game that is mainly played at home in North America. It is played as two teams against each other. Every card has its value. It has four rounds. Each round has its different points. It also has a score sheet for its points.

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